New WoW player looking for an Alliance guild.

Completely new to WoW and I've been enjoying questing on my own so far. I'm good company, but there are only so many conversations you can have with yourself. Pickup Groups in the Dungeon finder haven't filled the need for conversation.

I'm ideally looking for a large guild that is welcoming to a casual player who is still learning the game, and has players willing to help a new player learn, and give the n00b a chance to fail at tanking. ;)

Currently working on a Retribution Paladin, and I've purchased all expansions and pre-ordered Cataclysm.
I hope you find a decent guild to join. And welcome to WoW!. :)
Free bump for you!
I urge you to save yourself before its too late.
Fellowship of Storms is always looking for new players. We're a friendly, well established (been here since a few months into Original WoW), Casual Raiding Guild. We did all the raids in Wrath, have some PVPers, a mix of levelers/altaholics, and a good group of gaming friends. See our listing in this forum or visit our website (which is slowly being updated) at

Feel free to send me a whisper in game for an invite. Or you can whisper any of the officers - Enbrel, Aryoch, Caladen, Stonewolf, or Surani.
I urge you to save yourself before its too late.

Too late for that. :)

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