WoG- coefficients?

Specifically, does it have a hidden AP coefficient, and if so, WHY? After all, both prot and ret already have ap/str->sp conversions.

I've noticed that my WoG heals for considerably more in my prot-DPS gear/spec then in my holy-healing gear/spec. Specifically about 30% more. Seems a bit off.

Holy I have +15% healing from spec, +5% from SoI glyph, so +20% WoG healing, and I have 401 SP and 303 AP
3pt WoG heals for a hair over 1k

Prot I have +12% selfheals from Divinity and +10% from WoG glyph, so +22% WoG healing, and I have 245 SP and 781 AP.
3pt WoG heals for a hair over 1.3k (on self).

What's up with that? :-/
it's SP or AP which ever is higher
What's up with that is that Prot and Ret will be throwing most of their Holy Power into alternative dumps, like Inquisition, Templar's Verdict, Shield of the Righteous, and Zealotry. Scaling off AP means that Word of Glory is more valuable when it's needed, not that it's more valuable than alternative uses of Holy Power.

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