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Hi, I am posting on behalf of not being able to get my pet (Landro's Lil' XT) from the NPC that you put in the code for. Yes I used the website you are to use to get the code for use in game. It keeps saying code is invalid, please try again. Even though I have put the code in correctly every time.
Unfortunately, Enrageable, there is an issue where some folks are unable to redeem their TCG item/pet/mount from Landro.

This is an issue that we are actively working to resolved. In the meantime, please submit a ticket and our In-Game Support staff should be able to get the matter resolved.

When submitting the ticket, if you can, please also attach a picture of the card itself. We'll need that number in order to verify the item and get it processed so that we can give it to your character. Also include which character/realm you want the item/pet/mount delivered to.

It takes approximately a week for the entire process.


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Alrighty, Thanks for the quick response Vrakthris! =)
I'm unable to find the correct path to put a ticket in. Almost as bad as a phone menu, please press #1 for this, #2 for this and so on. Very frustrating to me.Is some would please help me by showing me the simple path string, wouuuld be so appreciated. Thank you very much.
It doesn't fit perfectly, Yourdeadagan, but this one is probably a good option.

Account Management > Error Entering a Game Key

Make sure you list both the key from the TCG card as well as the code you were given to give to Landro in the ticket.


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So ... I thought I would check in on this thread, since this is where I got information and advice.
I purchased a loot card from eBay - and, unfortunately, the seller was aware of the issue with loot cards on some "merged" servers, because he included a folded little printout telling me about the known issue, how to address it, and even the web address for two Blizzard threads where I could get more info. Thankfully, I got a good seller who was responsible in helping his customer. (It's "wootloots" on eBay, BTW. 100% satisfaction rating.)

Anyway, so I put in a ticket (under "Purchase or Payment - Other purchase or payment issue), included a photo of the card, the code that I was supposed to give to Landro, that rotten conniving little twerp, and the name of the item that I am trying to get (a "Gusting Grimoire").

The response came within an hour (almost to the minute) at about half past midnight. And GM Dromsor said:
So I read over your issue and I understand that no good little Goblin isn't giving you your Floating Spellbook! We Game Masters simply will not stand for this! I am currently in the process of generating a new code for you but this process will take some time. Once I have a new code I will send it to you. I may not be able to complete this task tonight but I should be able to get you a new code at some point tomorrow ;)
So, it looks like Blizzard has a streamlined process now of getting the player the item. I wish they'd fix it so that it doesn't happen, but, at least good Customer Service is a decent replacement for that.

And hey, one can never complain when a Blizzard GM has a little humor! :)
I'm coming up on 6 weeks. Initially put my ticket in on July 31st for the rooster mount and it still hasn't been resolved :(

Its the connected realms (told by a GM) that are causing the issues.

Hope it gets taken care of soon. I was also told that the group that handles this is busy with WoD.
Busy with WoD or not they should still not be taking that long to respond to this issue. :/

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