My DPS drops off tons after pull.

My burst is awesome. Even on a target my dummy my initial pull unbuffed I hit over 300k, yet my damage drops off substantially after that. My question is, is this normal for enhancement? I use standard rotations, always have totems up, never use FS without UE first. Is there any way to improve my sustained damage? Might I be gemmed wrong or have wrong trinkets or picked a whack talent? Any help would be greatly appreciated
It's normal to have really high burst on the pull, but that's because of trinkets and cooldowns. I thinm 300k is a little low for that burst. Hard to really say any more without logs or something. Is there a reason you're using Adept gems in yellow sockets?
Should I change the adept gems to the yellow, full mastery ones? I am trying to run simcraft right now to try to figure things out a little better. I'm totally a noob at this stuff though. However I am trying to get a more in-depth understanding since now my guild is doing SoO on a regular basis with hopes of clearing heroic before WoD launch. I know my sustained damage will get better as i aquire set bonuses and the legendary. Just wasn't sure if it was normal for my dps to drop off by 130k a minute after pull. Maybe i will try to attain some logs this week if it will help
With my gear I'm usually at about 550k dps in the beginning of the fight, and by the end of the fight I'm down to about 260k. So don't worry, it's normal to be seeing a big drop in dps throughout the course of a fight compared to your initial damage.
Yeah, we're a high burst class and all the stars align on the pull, It's pretty fun if you can sustain 1m+ dps through the entirety of bloodlust (i've had that happen twice)
then it just slowly trickles down the rest of the fight until ascendance comes back up
My burst is awesome, yet my damage drops off substantially after that.

Shaman dps in a nut shell
Ok phew, I was about to ask this, I know i'm a baby shaman but in LFD my DPS is horrid.

JE-FS- LL (if on trash) - SS - LB/ES

Or am I doing it wrong :<
At your ilvl you should be hitting well over 500-700k on the pull, maybe more if you choose elemental mastery. Change out the oranges for 320 mastery gems where appropriate.
@Stormstalker Additionally, don't take for granted Socket Bonuses. Use green 'hit+mastery' gems to fill the blue sockets, agility is still or primary stat -- extra stat is always welcome. Only ignore Socket Bonuses if it's a secondary like 'hit' (if you are cap) or 'crit' (which doesn't provide enough).
And yes, we are a bursty class; however at your ilvl you should be pulling 500-700k at the opening.
As a 578 Elemental dps, I do ~900-1.2m off the pull depending on if we have a warrior + lust, and level out around 350k dps. It is extremely stable 350k; going up with procs and down with no procs.
That is my experience at least.
Enhancement shamans burst high and then fall back after CD'S. 1.4 mil to 400k is normal for fights like IJ. Its just the enhancement way. Burst high, sustain low, back to burst phase.

Edit: Too many bursts!! Darn phone.

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