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Hello Everyone
I'm looking for guild on my 2nd account for My Alts 570 Lock and 567 spriest ( Os 563 Disc Priest) that i can switch to heal depend on progress if guild need my healing instead of dps.
Also I prefer weekend times ( Thursday to Sunday ) but if days are during week, i don't have problem with them at all.
I can do faction change too if thats needed too.
Hi Rafael,

Really Bad Players is recruiting exceptional DPS. We're a horde guild located on Terenas (MST). We raid Sun/Mon 8-12 server. I won't bore you with a template, but strongly encourage you to check us out www.reallybadplayers.com or to in-game message Tiny (RogueSock#1755) to see if we'd be a good fit for you. We're currently undermanning 25m but as our roster fills it will be 25H.
Hello, we are a 8/14H Alliance guild on US-Thunderhorn. We are currently a 10 man but we are expanding to 25 to be ready for 20 mythic in WoD. We could really use you on your lock to help us with that transition. We raid Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-11pm Central time with an optional Thursday night raid. We have a strong, stable leadership and guild roster that is a mature, fun place to play while still pushing for as much progression as possible within a 4 day schedule. Most of the people in our guild have raided together since the early days of Vanilla, and you can bank on the fact that we will be together for a long time and not worry about joining a guild that crumbles 2 weeks later.

If this sounds good to you, I encourage you to contact me via battletag @ Psiserrat#1232. I hope to hear from you soon!
<False Promises>
10man Alliance Guild

The Raid
8/14 Heroic
Loot Council (Don't be scared to ask about it)
Tuesday - Wednesday
7:20 - 11:00 EST
(We do NOT raid past 11. People have work/school the next day.)

What we are looking for:
Shadow Priest
Best part about us... NO APPLICATION. There is a MUMBLE interview. You get to meet us and we get to meet you. This is where we get a feel (euh euh euh) for one another. We like to have fun period. If you want to check us out please keep in mind that we DO allow swearing and we DO allow immature jokes. You may get the feel of that in your interview.

How to contact us:
We are pretty good on healers now but we are looking for 2-3 more solid ranged DPS...

We are 4/14 heroic and we raid 25 mans. Plans for Mythic raiding in WoD.
Tues/Wed/Thurs 6-9pm CST are our raid times, Tues/Wed being heroic progression days and Thursday being our normal farm clear to help gear up some of our new recruits and get our Garrosh kill for the week.

We're a very social and active guild, many of us do flex runs, heroic dungeons/scenarios, pvp, old content runs for xmog/cheese/mounts, etc...

Add my btag: Lgeme84#1466 for any questions!
Apply via website: http://theoddsfavorus.guildlaunch.com/
Would love to chat with you more about some opportunities here at Anatidaephobia. I'll just post a link the usual guild spam info that you are going to get blasted with soon:


the down 'n' dirty of it

Anatidaephobia of Shattered Hand
6/14H 10 man, 1/14h 25 man (only 2 weeks of 25’s)
2 nights a week, sunday/monday 6-10pm est
GM btag: corv#1911
MY Btag: kleiger#1582

contact either one of us and should be golden
Our Needs:
LF All Classes

<Just the Tip>10/14H

We raid Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm to 10:30pm est

Be geared for heroics 565+


If you think you're an exceptional player, apply no matter what our recruitment says. We'll always try to pick up anyone who manages to astound us.
MTS is looking for more raiders, and a strong DPS with heal offspec would be a nice asset to our team. Our raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8-11 pm EST. We are currently 8/14 H with Malk a few percentage points from dying. Here's our recruitment post if you'd like to read more:


You can contact me at Tiranae#1790, I'd love to chat with you.

My guild, <Fortis>, on the Proudmoore realm is currently seeking DPS, and we may have a spot for your shadow priest or your lock. We are an Alliance guild and currently 9/14 heroic 25-man. Our raid hours are 4-8pm PST Sat & Sun (6-10pm CST / 7-11pm EST). While we don't have a disc-spot open at the moment, either another skilled warlock or a shadow priest who is good at disc and enjoys sometimes playing the spec would be a welcomed addition.

For more information about our guild, please check out our website at:


Also, take a peek at our our longer recruitment thread detailing a few more specifics about our guild-team. That thread can be found here:


Thanks for your time! Hope to hear from you! :)

~ Liliac
Hey Raf!

To keep this short and sweet, <Before the Fall> has set up a 25man (8/14 heroic) composed up of mainly 11/14 heroic raiders. Right now we're trying to improve this roster and get it right back to Heroic Siegecrafter Progression! We think that you would be a great addition to our 25man as we work towards creating the ideal roster for 20man mythic raiding. I put the spam below so you can get a little info about us, but would really be interested in speaking with you.

We currently have a successful 10man actively working on heroic Garrosh progression. Our end goal is to then merge the 10 with the 25man to get to heroic Garrosh 25man ASAP. We want the best of the best so that we can be fully prepared for when 6.0 hits and 20man raiding begins. We'll be actively working on our roster every week to keep improving it so that we can be a very competitive guild come mythic.

Raid Times:
8/14HM 25man T, W, Th 730pm - 1130pm EST

Recruitment Needs (as of 03/06/2014)
Heals: 1 Resto Shaman, Disc, Hpally, Monk
DPS: 1 Melee, Ret, Feral, Enhance, WW
DPS: 1-3 Ranged, Mage, Boomkin, Spriest, Ele, Hunter

Prowleress: Prowl#1190
Stormdk: Storm301#1174

To get more info or apply, go to http://www.beforethefallguild.com

<OOB> is a 25man guild on a PVE realm with a core spot open on the main roster for either your Shadow Priest or Lock- whichever you enjoy playing more!

We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs 8-11pm EST

Currently we’re 14/14 normal SoO and 11/14H

We're a holdout of Vanilla raiders- we've been raiding since Scholomance and Stratholme to get our blue dungeon sets. The guild isn't in danger of falling apart or missing raid nights. We know what it takes to maintain a successful progression raiding guild through stale content, holidays, and summers.

We're here for the long haul and you can feel secure in your raiding future joining us.

We respect that you are paying real money to come and play with us- and you will be playing with us! We do NOT recruit to bench. You will not transfer and sit out until someone else no-shows. You WILL be in the raids with us!

*Server first Gold Challenge Mode
*Server First Ra Den
*Only guild on server with I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am

My btag is PinkiePie#1307

If you don't have any questions and we sound like a great fit for you, the website to apply is oobguild.net

Hope to hear from you soon!
I would really like to speak with you if have time. We have just merged our two 10 man heroic team to do 25 Mans to get ready for WoD mythic 20M. We have been around for 6 years and have a great reputation on our server. We are very mature and professional and good at what we do. We have strong leadership and always push content.

Current Raiding: 8/14H 25M
11/14H SoO team 1
8/14H SoO team 2
Raid Schedule:
Mon, Tues, Thurs 8-1130pm EST
Guild Website:
Watch our videos to see how we look when we raid!
We are a zero drama guild.
We don’t recruit for bench spots.
We are very tight as a group and guild.
We provide everything for our raiders. Flasks/pots/food/gems/enchants

If you have any questions hit me up and let’s talk.

Very interested in you.
Hey Rafael :)

We are currently recruiting a warlock or a spriest for our main team. I would be very interested in chatting to you about our guild. I will leave our guild info below. Feel free to contact me via battletag: Khione#1561

Whisperwind Eleven is a lvl 25 Horde guild on the Whisperwind server focused on progressing through content based on raids that go from 9pm to midnight PST.
Founded in February of 2006, WW11 is a progression raiding guild that values a culture of mature, respectful and fun gameplay over server firsts.

What we've done: Key accomplishments
(achievements cleared while content was current unless noted)

* Cleared Sunwell Plateau after the 3.0 nerfs.
* Glory of the Raider
* 10 and 25: Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Algalon
* 25-man Tribute to Insanity
* Heroic Halion - 25
* 11/12 Hard Modes in ICC-25
* Glory of the ICC Raider 25
* 9/13 Cataclysm HM (13/13 cleared for fun later during DS)
* 5/6 Firelands HM
* Glory of the Firelands Raider 25
* 8/8 DS HM
* Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider 25
* 4/16 Heroic Tier 14
* 4/12 Heroic ToT
* 8/14 Heroic SoO

When we do it: Raid Schedule

All raids are from 9pm PST to midnight PST: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
We also offer organized guild Flex raids for Achievements in 5.4, every Tuesday starting at 11 server.

Why we're different: Key Guild Differentiators

* Stability - 6 years of progression 25 man raiding
* Culture - We are a group of adults that expect mutual trust and respect from our raiders, sense of humor is a plus! Most of our team is 25+. Our raid schedule is designed for those with careers and kids: 9pm PST to midnight, 3 raids a week
* Punctual - 99% of raids end by 12:15am
* PG-13 gchat/vent ("Disney rules" no profanity, no racist or dirty jokes), we're not prudes but we believe that any kids hanging around while their folks are raiding don't need to be scarred for life if they happen to hear something in vent.
* No l33t sp34k, yelling or raging allowed in chat or vent, ever (u fail ur nub). If this is how you communicate you will not fit in.
* Fast pulling" culture, we like to respect each other's time and keep things moving
* Our goal is to complete all heroic content and raid metas while the content is current
* We don't race for server firsts, we see content on our time schedule

Why we're different (PT2!): Guild Culture

Most of us are hardcore gamers who grew up on Pacman, Quake, Starcraft, Zelda and Mario. Some of us got married, settled down, and are looking for a guild in which we can continue a hardcore approach to gaming on a more limited time schedule.
The guild is an open book. Applicants are welcome to listen in on raids, ask any member for their opinion on the leadership, or simultaneously apply for other guilds. We understand that joining a guild is a big decision and support applicants who do their research to choose the right guild for them.

We are only accepting players of exceptional skill, commitment and cultural fit. If you are all of these things then you will likely have a raid spot available. Whisperwind Eleven has a unique approach to recruitment, we recruit players not gear.

We are a guild of raiders. Before you apply, make sure the following describe you:
1. You think you'll have near 100% attendance.
2. You acquire loot because you want to raid, not the other way around.
3. Given the choice you'd rather show up for progression nights than farming nights because seeing new content is more exciting than farming epics.
4. Theorycrafting is something you think is fun and will make you a better player.

Final Notes
The guild is here for the long-term, and that’s what we’re thinking about during recruitment - Although 85% is the minimum requirement for raiding we require 100% from applicants.
About Whisperwind
Release day server
PvE, US Central Time
High population
Rampage Battlegroup
2:1 Alliance:Horde ratio

To apply message/mail in game on Whisperwind to one of these officers: Khione#1561 (recruitment), Tunarr#1880 (recruitment), Dawna #1555(GM), Nabla#1766 (co-GM), Deathpod, Igotdapowa

w w w.whisperwind-eleven. c o m
Renégades is a Horde 10M raiding guild on Trollbane. We will be expanding to 20M for Mythic raiding in WoD. We are currently 8/14H in Siege of Orgrimmar. We are looking for a strong DPS.

We raid on Saturday evenings from 7:00 - 10:30 p.m. EST and on Sunday evenings from 6:30 – 10:00 p.m. EST.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our guild and raiding environment further, please add my BattleTag, Zaranna#1449. :-)

Thank you for your consideration.
Disgruntled of Whisperwind (PvE, CST) is recruiting!

Current Recruiting Needs:

Disgruntled's 10-Man Team Timbits (Wed/Sun) is currently looking for one warlock or DPS spec DK. We always welcome applications from any great player of any class, but these are our only open raid spots for now. However, things change and spots open in time, so if you're interested and you aren't one of the above classes, please apply!

Why Choose Disgruntled?

In our experience, people looking for a new guild are looking for three main things: stability, maturity, and quality raiding. Disgruntled delivers all three.

Stability: We recognize how disheartening it can be to join a new guild only to have it collapse after only a few short months. That won’t happen here. Disgruntled has been around and raiding continuously since 2006 and we intend to maintain our presence in WoW indefinitely.

Maturity: Although we are one of the larger guilds on our server, we have successfully cultivated a fun and family-friendly (PG-13) atmosphere. Above all, we make it our mission to obliterate drama wherever we find it. As a result, we have attracted a mature membership with a lot of blue and white collar professionals. Our average member age is well above 30. Guild chat is lively and, at times, risqué, but it's definitely not a high school locker room. Also, rest assured that no one will ever yell at you or curse you for any reason.

Raiding: If you are looking for serious, long-term, progression-oriented raiding, but you aren‘t interested in raiding every night of the week, we have you covered. Most of us have raided since vanilla and through each expansion we have maintained a competitive raiding force. We deliver serious raiding in a well-organized, stable, and professional environment. Equally important, Disgruntled is uniquely positioned to tackle mythic raiding in the next expansion. For most 10 man raiding guilds, in order to experience mythic content, the guild has to recruit an additional 10-15 players depending on their roster. Disgruntled, on the other hand, already runs two friendly 10-man raid groups with ~10-12 folks in each group. Both groups run two-night-a-week schedules with no overlap. Team Honey Badger runs Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00-10:00 pm server (8-11 pm eastern) and Team Timbits runs Wednesdays and Sundays 7:00-10:00 pm server (8-11 pm eastern). Both groups use a simple, "don't be an !@#" need before greed loot system. Invites for both groups are sent out 15 minutes prior to raid start time.

In WoD we are merging the two groups and going to three nights a week (Wed, Th, Su - same hours) for even faster progress so that we can be among the few to experience mythic content. Do those other guilds you may be considering have a plan for mythic? Is the plan: "We just need to recruit 12 more people and we're all set!"? If so, ask yourself whether you believe that plan is truly viable considering that virtually every 10-man raiding guild that wants to do mythic will be trying to recruit an additional 10 to 12 people.

There’s a lot more to tell about Disgruntled, so we invite you to visit our website at http://www.disgruntledguild.com and take a look around. You can also check out our current level of progression by visiting http://www.wowprogress.com (if you want to see our long-term track record, be sure to check our progress over multiple raiding tiers).

Are YOU Disgruntled Material?

If you wish join our ranks, click the "Apply" button at the top of our main webpage for instructions. Once your application is posted, a guild officer will respond within a day or two (at the most) to arrange a short vent interview.

Remember, come visit us at http://www.disgruntledguild.com!
add me to real id


12/14 heroic 25man

Paragons close to be dead

Hey Raphael, we're currently looking for a caster or two to join our team. As we're looking for either a shadow priest or a warlock it would be up to which you enjoy playing the most. Anyhow, here's all the info to save on the spam:
and our website:
Feel free to add me at scop74#1590 or any of the officers if you have any questions or want to chat. Good luck in your search

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