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So I'm reading and am I right in understanding that each additional character boost you buy is 60$, just want to be sure I understand correctly ?
The one you get with the WoD preorder is free -- comes with the xpac.
All additional Lvl 90 Boosts cost $60 each... correct.
One of the features of WoD is a boost to level 90.
If you preorder you get that feature now instead of at release.
Additional character boosts are $60.

Pretty simple.
Yep each character beyond the first freebie is $60. Definitely out of the price range I'm willing to pay.
I have been trying for several days to purchase the character boost for a second character.
Each time, whether I go thru the shop or battlenet store it gives me an error.

It takes my info (which is used successfully for monthly billing) and then reports: Shop Error Try again.

I certainly am not the only person trying to buy this boost. Don't ya want my money Blizz?
The price is a bit high, IMO. But then I remember what I'm paying for - the ability to skip four or five days of mindlessly grinding away at dungeons and quests that I've done over and over and over again. If Blizz ever puts this feature on sale, I'll take advantage of it. But for now, the two boosts that I've used (the one that came with the pre-order, plus an additional boost) is my limit.
Still no luck purchasing the extra character boost. I really think if Blizz has over extended their ability to keep up with all the purchases and orders for WOW and Diablo they should TELL us that so we won't waste our time trying to purchase something that isn't available. A little information goes a long way to keep people happy.
Still not able to make this purchase. I have tried to do it on a different computer as requested by customer service. Obviously, there is an issue that is not on my end.
Blizz is normally great at taking care of issues, sad to see that this one is not being addressed.
03/12/2014 06:49 AMPosted by Aberzombie
The one you get with the WoD preorder is free -- comes with the xpac.
All additional Lvl 90 Boosts cost $60 each... correct.

It's not really "free" you pay 50 bucks for something you don't even get to see for 8 months.
Free on pre-order, any others you will have to buy for $60.

That is not the issue. According to Blizzard customer service, the request isn't even going thru.
I've had others try it and they get the same error.
I just wish they'd fix it so I can spend my $60.
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