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03/12/2014 11:10 AMPosted by Lughnasadh
I don't get the cynicism. Yeah, you can buy cards, but it's not required, at least not to enjoy the game at lower ranks. No idea how that pans out the higher you go, but really, how is this different than any other card game?

I've earned quite a few free ones already without progressing that far and that's given me numerous hours of enjoyment - also a new mount to enjoy. For me, it's nothing but positive.

All the money does is speed up acquiring cards, it isn't required to get good ones, so it's not pay to win. We had a friend playing for the first time last night and the first deck he opened had a legendary.

I don't know which legendary but in describing it to me it reminded me of this video from like 2006:
I finally won me three matches and got my mount after I learned how to play, lol.

It took me so long, I got to level 9 before I won the three needed to get it. Actually, it took maybe an hour to an hour and a half to get the three for me. I'm sure there are those who got it in five minutes though, lol.
03/12/2014 11:20 AMPosted by Amyiss
I don't know which legendary but in describing it to me it reminded me of this video from like 2006:

Cairne Bloodhoof, who is a 4/5 with a deathrattle that summons Bane Bloodhoof (another 4/5). One of the best (and most flexible) legendaries in the game. Grats to your friend! I'm about 400 dust away from crafting one myself.
I hate that game... I don't get it... I don't like it... I never want to play it again.

I have a new mount though!!

If I can do it... anyone can do it.
arent you that warrior i made concede last night with my paladin set?
Getting the mount requires spending zero real life currency. Do a couple of the quests/level a few classes for gold. Spend gold on arena visit. Play on even keel since arena is draft instead of P2W like Play mode.

Arena is the best part of hearthstone. Plus it's almost always more efficient than buying packs with gold (you always get a pack + sone extra stuff if you don't go 0-3).
<span class="truncated">...</span>

I spent some time this weekend teaching some of my guildies how to play (read: smashing their decks repeatedly, and telling them what they did wrong in gchat). If you want some good basic decks to start off with, here are some that are made with cards available to everyone to serve as a foundation. Then it's just a question of deciding what playstyle suits you best and tweaking the deck accordingly.

EDIT: I believe all these decks assume you have leveled the class to 10.

I was only level 3 Hunter, but i substituted the missing ones and won the two games I needed thanks, now to see if the horse will want to show up.
Lol, I was just watching my brother play his Priest deck, and he got tired of playing with the new players because they were so slow on their turns, so he just used all his Priest cards to buff their guys so they would win.
03/11/2014 05:06 PMPosted by Yeo
Anyone new to the game will have to suffer the downloads and updates, and if you make it that far, you will have to suffer the wrath of me and the other veterans.

Indeed. Which is why I have no intention of ever playing Hearthstone.
03/12/2014 10:51 AMPosted by Healstime
You have to get a lot of rare cards to have a good deck.


However you don't need a deck like that to get 3 wins. I did it earlier and used the mage deck, only leveled to 10, and tweaked to be full of +spell damage minions, and mage spells. Every card in the deck came from the ones you're given to start with, except for the sorcerer's apprentice which came from a free card pack.

It's easy to win if you employ a little strategy.

03/12/2014 11:16 AMPosted by Saphrian


Negative Ghost Rider

She meant glorified Warhammer game. :P

03/12/2014 12:00 PMPosted by Gunaf
Indeed. Which is why I have no intention of ever playing Hearthstone.

1.3 gig, the horror, the horror...

Also you won't have to go up against the OP, you'll go up against other newbies.
If I can give any advice: make sure to make your own deck.

I'm telling you, you will have a far better chance this way because the cards you get randomly usually suck.
03/12/2014 12:18 PMPosted by Letoganimah
Then you gotta grind to 10, and then waste more hours grinding out cards.

No, you really don't.

At most you need to get to 10 with your chosen hero, and only to access the full set of basic cards. From there you can win if you customise your deck properly. No extra grinding, or rare cards required.
I managed to win 3/4 of the matches I played. I was honestly surprised because I don't consider myself good at the game... I had a lot of fun with it, too. I may play it again sometime.
I learned a trick, do't play in practice mode, it levels you too fast. Go straight from tutorial to fighting a player. That way you are level 1-3 and fight other players of like level with basic cards like you..

I used basic Jaina, fought in player mode at level 1 and won, level 2 and won, level 3 and won. Each win grants you a level.
I heard about the mount and immediately installed Hearthstone. I then proceeded to piss off my roommate by yelling at the game every time I lost.. for 6 hours. I got 2/3 before I gave up and went to bed. I finally got my 3rd win this morning from a person who kept attacking themselves. /shrug

Seriously, don't play in practice mode to open up other heros. You level too fast and when you do fight players who know what they are doing, you are going against higher level ones with custom packs. Take your gal Jaina directly into play, her instant dmg spells really come in handy. That way you are matched t players of equally very very low level with basic cards too.
only thing I hate is being forced to play a game I hate and dont understand at all and spend over 3 hours loosing every each and everyone of the games I play to try to get a free mont, when the system says: equivalent oponent but in reality all the oponents I had have extra decks and extra slot to put cards and have cards even after 3 hours of play have never seen in my one deck I got...
as soon as I get the mount I am uninstalling that horrible game...
sorry for those who like it, its ok for oyu, but it sucks to force others to downloaod a game and force ot try to learn it and then get slaughter over and over and over, plus doing it without cheating, as some have mention that thye got their mount easy they ask their friends to manage to fight htem and let them win so they get their mount, its cheating but thye get it
I refuse to cheat so it seems... I probably will not get it and sadly am increasing my hate for that card game.
03/13/2014 05:03 PMPosted by Jakynafour
as some have mention that thye got their mount easy they ask their friends to manage to fight htem and let them win so they get their mount

Friendly matches don't count towards the mount, and there's nothing forcing you to get the mount but yourself.

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