Horde, Bgs and Snowball.

4 Months before i geared my first character through BGs after go arena, and Now, the things still same.

Ally and horde usually go random bg to kill something and get honor points, very common.
Its my 4th level 90 and i decided to start battlegrounds, since the new arena season begin now and we can't gear through there.(Friends :P)
My experience was horrible. Aliance was with One player geared, and the rest of us, around 3xxK Hp.
Horde was just 9 Geareds players and one with 401k hp. They obviously farmed us, and i Believe 3 of them can be enough to beat we all laughing
On the end of bg we got like 90 honor and horde around 350, if not many more in other battlegrounds. It was warsong.
Our Alliance scenery right now on BGs is that we can't fight the horde, and probably its because of gear AND We also have guys that charge alone into 6 hordes while carrying our flag, completely normal.

This is a pic to show how easy they are farming us.


I played with a Horde mage, and hit the 4k honor cap before 80... It was pretty easy.

I'm, as Player that like a lot Alliance, and PvP, frustrated due to the fact if i want to have fun in pvp i need to go horde.

Alterac? Its not about Farm Honor, its about competitive fun on pvp, that i can't have here.

I Would like if we got at least one bracket that allow low geared fight with only low geared.
I feel you dude. Try healing it. Seems to be this way unless you get a group of competent friends. Otherwise I feel like I might as well be healing bots.
03/11/2014 03:37 AMPosted by Beepboopkill
Otherwise I feel like I might as well be healing bots.

How work this bot thing?

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