Some peoples luck...


(not me) They were leveling their newly made Tauren Pally, and got Rivendares mount in his first Stratholme run. -_-

Oh well, grats to them, heh. Just figured someone on this board would get a kick out of this.
I remember in vanilla when a guild's first MC run got their tank both bindings.
I remember my very first time fishing up in the Skettis pools in BC, got Mr Pinchy and my Magical Crawdad. Everyone was amazed how lucky I was.

Then the damn luck went downhill from there. Never won and/or barely seen dungeon drop mounts. Even 100% mount like the bronze in old CoS was won by my buddy and traded. It's pretty pathetic. =P

Yeh my friend was running strath for the dungeon achievement some time ago and got rivendare, first run and wasnt even going for it.

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