LF some honest answers for new possible xfer

Hello all,

I was thinking about transferring my main over to this server and was wondering if someone could give me some insight about the realm as a whole from alliance perspective.

It looks like the horde to alliance ratio is a bit one-sided which concerns me a bit since Id be coming from a normal server where the alliance to horde ratio was heavily in favor of alliance 3:1.

With that being said, if anyone could help me out figure out a few things, would be greatly appreciated.

-How is the economy on ally side? i.e would i run out 30k gold in a few short months on chanting, glyphing, consumables , etc?

-Is it a lot harder to lvl, since Ive only played on Norm realms, not sure how much ganking goes on while one is trying to do quests, specially with Cata around the corner.

-How is the pvp and trade scene on ally side, live or dead in general?

Thanks for your help in advance.
if you like lag, a massively overpopulated server now with server queues, come to blackrock. horde vastly outnumbers alliance however alliance has a large world pvp based guild which keeps world pvp fairly active. if you're into arena the server has an abundance of the worlds best pvpers, majority are horde though.

edit: oh, the economy is like any large server, ppl pricejack the *!*# out of alot of things, but then again some things that are in abundance go cheap.

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