Ret Haste & Latency question

[EDIT: I was wrong when I posted this - my CS cooldown is 3.18 seconds, which I think explains the lag in my rotation!]

I've got almost 30% Haste now, and my Crusader Strike is down to a 3.01 second cooldown (after Judging). But it still feels like I have some lag in my rotation - if I do CS every other move, I'm still waiting maybe half a second for it to be available again. Is this normal?

I'm guessing this is why they say latency comes into play - the extra Haste to get down to 3.0 seconds seems to be wasted anyway? I have about 150 latency, which I guess causes a 300ms delay in my rotation no matter how much Haste I have? Or is there something I'm missing here?

Any advice would be appreciated!
at 30% haste your global cooldown is at 1 sec thats why you wait a bit for your next crusader strike.

The global cooldown is only affected by haste for abilities classified as spells. Holy wrath, exorcism, and consecration. Judgement, TV, CS, and DS will have the standard 1.5s global cooldown.
Thanks for the replies! I definitely notice more of a gap after I use Exorcism, before CS is available again.

Also I realized I was wrong about my haste - my CS cooldown (self buffed) is at 3.18 seconds, not 3.01 - which could definitely account for the lag in my rotation. So I guess if I REALLY got it down to 3.0 seconds I wouldn't have a gap at all (hopefully?!)

From my own experiments it seems that sacrificing Strength gems for Haste is a bad idea, so I guess I'll have to wait for gear upgrades to increase my Haste from this point.
Latency shouldn't play a part with Blizzard's new Latency check. Will let you queue up abilities based on an ms at or lower than 400. If your ms is over 400, it will be treated as 400.

Also, already stated, some of our rotation uses a 1 second Global Cooldown when Crusader Strike is at a 3 second cooldown. And yeah. Strength > Haste for gems.

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