My name is Trixxious I am a Shadow Priest currently on server Vashj. I just recently transfered here from Lightbringer in search of a new guild/server I could call home and unfortunately the server was not all it was cracked up to be and I am in search of a raiding guild to call home through Cataclysm. As I just recently changed back to the horde I do not wish to change my allegiance once again AKA I am staying horde this time. I just recently finished off my time in the US ARMY and I am enjoying the fruits that the civilian sector has to offer. I live in California so I am looking for a PST type server and a guild that starts raiding around 500-600pm PST to around 1000-1100 PST. My experience currently is 11/12 ICC25H and I have completed RS25H which was fun to say the least. I also have both my 10 and 25m ICC Drakes out of the way *which took many upon many nights of trial and error* but I have them no none the less. I fully understand that with Cataclysm comes much change in both the way we look at WoW but also in the way we play it. That being said I am very much looking forward to new challenges that lye ahead with the new expansion and beyond. I know most guilds like some World of Logs info so I will display the most current raid in which I was a part of this past Tuesday.


Blood Princes:

Blood Queen:



Those are the most current logs in which I have to offer, if you have any more questions please by all means contact me and hopefully we can make something work in the near future.


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