Thinking of rolling a pally. Please enlighten

I`ve been playing WoW for only a couple of weeks now. I`ve been trying out different classes to try to get a feel for what I want to play. However, I want to just pick something and stick with it and be confident about my choice. Paladin appeals to me because I want to have versatility and survivability. I also like heavier armor. The aspects of the game that appeal to me the most are battlegrounds and raiding. Here are my questions:

1) Raiding: What is the role of a pally in raids most often? What talent tree is most effective? What skills are used most in your raid rotation? Are paladins sought after in raiding guilds?

2) Battlegrounds: What talent tree is most effective in battlegrounds? What skills are most often used in rotation during pvp? Is the role in battlegrounds for a pally going to be mostly up-personal melee or are there some good ranged options?

3) Leveling: What are the important skills to have on rotation for solo leveling and what is the best talent tree for that?

Thanks in advance. Sorry for being such a noob. I tried searching around for some guides to answer these questions but a lot of what I find is outdated.
1 & 2) it varies a lot, and depends on group composition, all three have their roles
3) prot is the best leveling tree
1) No set role. All three are perfectly viable for what they're intended for. I'm a healer, so I don't have a rotation - pretty much what helps the raid out the most, be it my regular heals or Righteous Defense. Yes.

3) There isn't a best talent tree for leveling, they're all perfectly viable. Ret quests faster, but Holy and Prot hold their own, as well as giving near-instant dungeon queues.

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