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What's one thing you like most and one thing you like least about your class?
Favourite: Stealth.
Last favourite: Engineering isn't built in.

Can I be a Roguengineer?
Fave: there's potential for some a nice dps output

least fave: competition for the cool looking pets
Favorite: Resto
Least Favorite: All the other specs

>.> heh
Fave: I can take control of your soul.

Don't like: That they removed most of running while casting, I was having so much fun being free to run around & set things on fire. :(
There is nothing to not like about the druid master class.

Favorite? Druid master class.
Favorite: Explosive Shot.
Least Favorite: Focus.

I think I might be the only one who actually misses mana and Aspect of the Viper.
Favorite: Easy to understand class with high relation between skill and payoff.
Least Favorite: Level 90 talents.
Fav: Sparkle spells
Don't like: ???
Favorite: Bladestorm.

Least Favorite: Avatar Nerf.
Favorite thing about my class: the windwalker spec and virtually everything about it

Least favorite thing: Storm, Earth, and Fire... the epitome of what it means to be a clunky ability.

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