Things to do in PVE Stealth?

Stealth has to be one of my favorite parts of any MMO, and even though its role is arguable diminished in WoW, I still think it really adds to my game experience. What are your favorite fun stealthed things to do in the game world?

Here are/were some of mine:

1. Low level dungeon runs, sneaking to the bosses
2. Doing Keebler's Exotic Pets quests solo
3. Looking in buildings
4. Looking for Blizzard Easter eggs, like seeing the scarlet crusader waiting in General Abbendis' bed when you search for her diary (normal players just see the character run out of the room)
5. Not having to fight every @%#@! mob on the way to a single mob kill quest
6. Being able to leave a questing area without having to fight every #!@& mob on the way back
7. Sneaking around alliance zones, and scaring lowbie PvP tagged Alliance (I don't grief, unless they're wrecking a horde town, but usually just flag and *poof* appear, then disappear)
8. Being able to pass through higher level zones with relative ease (not really applicable end game, but still)
Me? I like to peek at Tsunade-sama in the hot springs.
I like to use all my abilities to basically free run in dungeons when I'm bored. For example, if I find a big chasm or something in a dungeon with mobs on the other side I'll Stealth, Sprint into a running leap, tab target a mob while I'm flying, Shadowstep, immediately Sap, and voila! I'm on the other side with none the wiser. It's interesting to see how far you can press your luck without dying somehow.

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