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Is there any?

I created this character last week, thinking, 'Oh! Amani! Perfect troll tribe to RP a druid'. But as I went through the starter zone and leveled more and more, I have found out it's hard to RP an Amani druid as I can't find any lore on anything related to them aside from the avatars in Zul'Aman and Zul'jin's fight. I just had a conversation with my guild and they clearly stated 'only Darkspear are druids'. I was confused. I looked over the Amani page on WoWpedia and saw nothing that can help me.

Now I am pleading to the great lore enthusiasts for help. Please, any scrap of lore that will help me keep this character in existence. Anything will be useful, from canon lore to loopholes in Blizzard's many views of their own game.

I have stated that she is Amani several times to many a person, but the druid part hasn't really come up, BUT I still want her to be a druid.

Please. Help.
Nope. Sorry, but I'm afraid only the Darkspear have adapted druidism to their loa worship.

Keep in mind druidism is a strictly Kalimdor class. It was invented by the Kal'dorei gods the Ancients. And taught to the Night Elves by Cenarius. And the Night Elves taught the Tauren. And now a loa named Gonk, or Raptor Jesus as I like to refer to him as, has taught the Darkspear trolls the unique path to connection with the nature spirits they didn't know before. This was out of nessesity because Zalazane cut the Darkspear off from the loa once, and so they are learning druidism to stop that from happening again.

Best chance to be an Anami druid would be to play it as a Primal, not a true druid. If you must have a true druid I suppose you could have the troll have learned druidism from a mortal druid, like a tauren most likely. That's the way I'm heading. But then mine is a Raventusk, who is alligned with the Horde. I'd personally stay away from rping an Amani, who are generally extreme anti elves, and thus anti Horde now. As much as I love Zul'jin and the forest trolls, only the Revantusk tribe would make any sense to rp without a long and possibly convuluted backstory.
I am really sad now :( I have grown so attached to this character. I might try and find a way around this seemingly impenetrable lore block. I'll put up what I think of later. Thank you.
You don't think there's anyway the Darkspear would accept an exile Amani, do you? It's really the only way I can see my Amani becoming a druid.
Not really likely. Darkspear are pretty resentful of Forest Trolls. What with the Amani and Gurubashi wars and all. And the recent activity of the Amani trying to murder everything.

I do have one Amani troll. He's not a major character of mine, but here's how I did it.

His name is Kan. Honest Kan. He was once a hexer of the Amani tribes. But when the Horde and Alliance assaulted the Amani capital Zul'Aman, Kan decided he didn't want to die. Seeing the Amani were vastly out numbered he changed sides. Giving important information to the Horde in exchange for only being captured, and not flat out killed.

Kan betrayed his family, his people, and his gods to save his own skin. Not exactly the most honorable person alive... In fact he is the last person you want to turn your back on. Fitting I think, that his role now is a washed up Potion Salesman going by the title "Honest Kan" and trying to rip people's money off. Great fun when I get bored, and sometimes I can bring a smile to other rper's faces ^^

But yah, that's how I explained it. It gets you to Horde Side. Of course, I still play Kan as horribly untrusted, and rightfully so, by the Horde as a whole. So I dunno how well that'd work toward you becoming a druid.
You probably have already found a way to bypass this problem but u can use the idea im ging to use. The infant was an amani troll but was raised in the darkspear tribe. As the young troll grew he was taught the ways of druidism by the darkspear.The troll always felt like he/she didnt belong there. So they set out to find their home.
Iktome's (awesome name btw) suggestion of going Primal is probably your best bet. Turning into fuzzy, fangy critters isn't a new thing for trolls, even though actual Druids are. ;) Of course, that would likely mean choosing one form to focus on, but at least as a druid you've got access to forms that fit the Amani culture well (and, of course, awesome troll themed armor). Do check out the red-haired bear form--it's awesome! for Corden's response, uh.
-Why would Darkspear raise a hostile tribe's infant?
-How did said infant even get to Darkspear territory?
-Druidism is a relatively recent addition to Darkspear culture, anyway. Any Darkspear who did not stay on the Echo Isles when Zalazane took over (as those who became the first Darkspear druids did) could only have started learning recently, once the isles were reclaimed and the druids there came in contact with the outside world.
I think it should be kept in mind that as Troll lore goes the tribes still meet in Zandalar for a sort-of "Troll conference". All tribes are welcome and it is an open atmosphere for the trading of information, sharing of political ideals, teaching of skills, and general socialization.

This, of course, seems to be getting changed in 4.1.
I won't see any "great Troll empire" beyond the Zandalar. With Patch 4.1 comes the fall of Troll lore. (imo)

Sorry for the derail Kanazee.
you could say that you were exiled or left as a child and the revantusk of the horde found you in hinterlands and as you grew up you wanted to learn the arts of druidism.

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