Ret vs Holy for levelling.

I am going to be a healer at 85. Should I level as Ret and collect both ret/holy gear on my way to 85. Or should I level as 'shockadin' and only have to collect full holy gear.
Level Holy, collect one set of gear, win at the everything.
Level as RET, and collect holy gear from instances and get ret upgrades from quests and such.

Im going to be ret 100%
Level as Ret til around the 30s, when you can pick up Denounce from Holy. With 2 talent points, my Exorcism at 36 costs around 60ish mana for 350ish damage. Add in your Holy Shock for a chance at instant and free, you can easily quest like a caster.
Level as prot, its the fastest and easiest way to quest and get groups
All three are viable. Use whatever spec you enjoy!
Note again - for every extra spec you have/plan on having, that's another 17 slots taken up in your bag (16 for ret, but meh.)

I can finally throw away my horrible I-just-hit-80 Ret set! Hurray! More bank slots open!
Do whichever suits you best. Some people are destined for the DPS role, others as healers, and still others as tanks. That's one of the greatest things about being a Paladin...our ability to be any of the three. If you're a dungeon runner then go with Holy and enjoy the short queues and the great feeling of having 4 other people's lives in your hands. If you're more the quester then go with Ret and beat things into the ground at a steady pace. Sometimes what ya like early on isn't the same as what you start liking later or what you don't like now could be what you really enjoy later on. I started out Holy and spent many years as a healer picking up tank pieces nobody else wanted in BC and WoTLK...Now I spend more time as a tank than I do as a healer. Just do what you like to do and gear yourself accordingly. Who knows what you'll become at 85 =)
I started a new pally (Tauren) yesterday, planning to level as holy so I could re-remember how to heal (my main here is Prot with a Holy off-spec), I know healing in the random dungeons at low levels can be a pain, but I wanted to get back into the habit of thinking as a healer instead of a tank. The first 10 levels were fine - 99% of the gear you get is white with no stats anyway, and you don't have any talent points to worry about. Leveling was slower than I'm used to (the last 6 chars I've leveled had BoA gear, this one does not), but not bad.

At level 10 I specced Holy, and immediately regretted it as every single piece of gear I was offered from quests was +stam and +str, with no +int in sight. So, after a few levels of lagging mana pools, nice 2-hand weapon choices, and equipping steadily more ret gear, I went back to the trainer and respecced Ret. I immediately noticed how big a change it is losing Holy Shock, as I died several times before remembering how much Flash of Light is your friend while leveling.

So, I had about 9 good levels of getting nice greens and a few blues obviously geared toward Ret and/or Warriors. No avoidance, no casting gear, just a lot of strength, stam, hit, and crit. Then, I hit level 19, made it to the Mor'shan Ramparts and Ashenvale, and all of my +str gear went away to be replaced with +int gear, and all of my +str 2-handers have been replaced with either +agi 2-handers or 1-handers. Do I now respec back to holy, and take all of this +int gear (except that I've ignored doing this for 4 levels now and have passed up/sold a bunch of good +int gear), or do I just hope that I can hold out in my level 10 - 19 gear until, hopefully, +str gear shows back up again?

Now, I'm sure I could change zones and hopefully see some different gearing choices, but I like this plot-line and I'd like to stick with it. Besides, the choice between Desolace and Southern Barrens is coming up, and I'd like to see the Desolace side.

tl:dr - What's up with the changing stat prioritization on low level quest reward gear?

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