Colossus Smash + Mortal Strike Macro

I'm just thinking ahead about where I will be putting my abilities once Cata comes out. I know, at least currently, that Arms damage is heavily based on Colossus Smash being up. It seems reasonable then to macro it to Mortal Strike so that you will never Mortal Strike while Colossus Smash is off CD.

As an inexperienced Warrior though, I'm wondering if that's actually a good thing or a bad thing in PvP. Would it be better to have it on its own hotkey for purposes of pooling rage to unleash a bunch of things back to back?

I honestly have virtually no PvP experience on my Warrior but I am trying to make PvP my focus going forward in Cata so I'm just trying to learn what would be good or not.
You really want better control than that. Sudden Death aside, there are going to be times (mostly fighting healers) where you simply aren't set up to finish it and would be better of letting Colossus Smash stay cold for a second or two to set up.

Even if you were to make a macro, the only way I can think of to do it would be a Cast Sequence, you set a Cast Sequence with a 20 second reset that is Colossus Smash first, then a bunch of Mortal Strikes to account for the next 18.5 seconds. Problem is, what do you do when Sudden Death procs and your fancy Cast Sequence macro now no longer allows you to Colossus Smash until the 20 seconds are up.

Alternatively you could do a /castrandom between Mortal Strike and Colossus Smash, but in my experience they never work out well.

My advice is simply to find somewhere to hotkey it. You could go the easy route and make it Alt-Mortal Strike. You are going to want the control.
That kind of Macro is bad for Warriors, you need to control and bind each of your abilities. CS debuff only last 6sec and has a 20sec cooldown so you need to keep doing your rotation, CS up or not.
In pvp it is a terrible idea to macro any abilities together that both use the global cooldown, since it's pretty much entirely unreliable and actually makes it more difficult to maintain control over the fight. You are better off just binding them to two buttons next to each other and calling it a day.

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