realm first lvl 85

soooo who is gona try to get realm first the 7 of dec. ?
<--- This guy.

No clue if I'll get it or not. I was never able to get around to leveling a toon on Beta, so I'm not sure the best path(s) for leveling. But I'm going to give it a shot. Even if I'm not the first, I want to hit 85 ASAP.
Wont be server first, but definately aiming for the top 10. Seen a decent amount of the beta to know what im doing and im fully prepared to go for it in the next 72 hours straight.
If im not mistaken, Bazz (former leader of Fusion) was first 80. Someone new has to claim his spot for 85, my bet is still someone from Fusion is going to keep that "legacy" going.

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