Fixing ret for PvE and PvP(long read)

I love the new changes done to the spec, I really do, but sometimes I get a headache playing because of so much RNG in both PvE and PvP.

A simple way to fixing this problem is to reduce how much RNG we have and give us more guarantee procs, mainly with Holy Power. Another problem is our Mastery as Ret, yes its nice on paper but in reality is just plain bad because it ruin our rotation and it just completely random, sure the problem can be fix by just making HoL procs not trigger a GCD, but still. - Many of the talents got a twink in some form so please check em all and please give back constructive criticism. I know many of the numbers and percents are unfair, but its the idea I want feed back on, so please "no that OP" kinda of stuff.

What we gain with the new talents:
-Snare-Yes I know many people agrue that we don't need a snare, but I beg to differ. Note that the snare is not spammable and it haves a requirement in order to use.

-Short CD on Dprotection and off healing beside WoG-Holy light is a weak heal to begin with but with a low mana cost, the talent even its self out. A lower CD on Dprotection give us more survivability outside of our bubble, glyphed or not.

-Dispeller effects-Our Hand spells is what give us any form of utility in pvp, so dispel em cripples us. Dispeller now will have to think twice before removing our dps buffs like Avenging Wrath.

-New Mastery-I hate HoL because of its RNG. Changing it to a extra attack makes more sense then what it is now. Also we'll be able to increase our Mastery damage by having a better weapon and use Inquisition. The Mastery is next to our 31 talent ability.

-New 31pt talent-Zealotry is nice ability, some what, but I find myself using it more as a survivability to use WoG instead of using it for TV. The new change will give us what ret really lacks, a meele like ability that ignores armor, yes it ain't much, but combined with Inquisition is when the talent shines the most, and it give us another pressure ability as well since all our attacks will be enhanced.

-Judgement gives HP charges-One of rets problem is we don't have another guarantee way of proccing HP charges specially from range, giving Judgement this helps us rely less on Haste and focus more on other stats like crit or mastery.

-Faster Repentance CD and RNG for TV-First off, Repentance isn't the best CC in the world due to it breaking on damage and having a long cooldown, even in PvE I don't see this CC being so good. The idea is help us reduce cooldown by spending our HP charges, we'll be able to reduce the cooldown by 1-3 sec. The RNG for TV is to give ret is own kinda of Eternal Glory like talent, some RNG is fun, but not when 90% of the spec rely on it.
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