[H] Mage and Ele Shammy LF Guild

What we are looking for
-something in between casual and hardcore - nothing too too serious, we like to have a good time while also progressing along well
-a group that is also interested in PvP, we love to PvP and really want to have a good rated BG group
-raid days aren't too important, however raid times are, preferred times are 6-10pm ST, some nights we are available later but we have lives outside of game that includes college and a job lol
-overall just a fun guild with a laid back attitude that likes to joke around but can be serious when needed
What we offer
-we know our classes quite well, we like to experiment and tweak our toons to get what we can out of them
-we have previous raid experience - myself(the shammy) have been raiding since vanilla and have been up to 11/12 ICC 25 man when it first came out on my druid - been there recently on other toons but ICC has since been nerfed lol - the mage has been to 9/12 ICC and is newer to WoW but is very good and learns quickly
-we always come prepared to raids and read up on fights beforehand
-also I have a resto druid/disc priest/prot pally I could play, but I really would like to play my shammy this time around

We haven't been playing much lately due to being bored of the content and our last raid guild falling apart so some of our gear is a tad outdated.

If we sound like we might fit what you are looking for please leave a message here or contact me in game :)
Leaving the recruitment Msg Spam. Enjoy ^^

Anguish of Kil'Jaeden

* Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5:30pm to 9:00p, PST
* Raid Type: 10 man progression
* Server: Kil'Jaeden (high PoP)
* Recruiting: Anyone who is serious about pushing cata content on a casual schedule
* Loot system: Loot council
* Website: www.Anguish-KJ.com

1) Ventrilo and a microphone
2) A sense of humor
3) Register on the website
4) 18+ years of age or older
5) Be active
6) don't be a douche

What we can do for you

* Guild bank and Tabs full of materials
* We help pay your repair bills
* Organized and fun raid atmosphere
* Full access to Ventrilo server & website
* Friendly members on a first name basis
* will push for guild achievements!
* LiveStream raids and video's of boss kills

About us:
Anguish was formed by a group of friends and friends made playing wow over the last five years. Most of us who have done every endgame instance and boss to date. As we venture into cataclysm we are seeking mature, motivated players to join us and push forward into new content and rated battle grounds. We are looking for everything from the casual player to the hardcore everyday gamer. Our focus is to push ten man content on a casual schedule efficiently as possible and have fun while doing it. Anguish strongly believes raiding should be a fun experience not a job. So if your hardcore or casual, here to raid or pvp. Check us out us out, we might be just what your looking for.

Contact info:
*In Game: Zyhpod, tinny, purplefox
*Website: www.Anguish-KJ.com
** Vent: 4212
you know I would love to join you guys; however, you're alliance :P
We haven't really been into rated areans this xpac, we were playing with friends and they weren't the greatest so we stuck with BGs more - I use to arena all the time in BC but not so much recently lol

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