Emerald Dream
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12/04/2010 5:00 PMPosted by Denarin

I will say this, waiting for a Hordeling zerg to dissipate at the Dark Portal's a great time to catch up on old episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway while I sit in a corner and watch them spam AOE.

To be fair, they're not very good at camping. They killed me once, and I got away. If I didn't make a wrong turn in Nethergarde and turn around, they wouldn't have gotten me a second time.
NO one should be able to be camped in this game anymore.

There are so many ways to escape it is simply ridiculous. Anyone can queue a Battle Ground, queue a random instance, get friends (if they have any) to summon them with a lock or a instance stone. That's just for people without any stealth, invisibility or potions. Anyone getting camped is living a martyr complex and trying to get e-chick mercy.

Looks like you transferred BACK to Alliance just in time Kam.

Because there are truly so many people here that really do like you and feel that you are special, I have decided that you should forever be called "Special K". Enjoy your rage and being worked by someone not smart enough to click a queue button
12/05/2010 7:21 AMPosted by Xeer
Just so we're clear: is it still considered "cowardly" to use class-specific abilities like Stealth out in the world now?

Anything that does not resemble the charge of the Light Brigade is strictly dishonorable.
12/05/2010 8:46 AMPosted by Xeer

A gold coin says everyone else in the thread is now using google as we speak.

I'd be ashamed if so.

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