some tips on pvp a frost mage.

you must try to keep righteous fury on before the frost mage use evocation.

1.Righteous fury, magic resistance aura.
2. Hand of freedom after you get snare/slow > you get 1 HP with pursuit of justice.
3.The mage wasted 20% of mana just to spellsteal HOF, the chance are he might spellsteal righteous fury > handof freedom > long arm of the law.
3. Get a glyph of holy wrath and cas it when you get near the mages water elemental, this stuns it for 3 and reduce incoming damage by few thousand.
3. HOPEFULLY you would get 3 HP with POJ-judgement-HW, since you would use crusader strike on the water elemental for 1 HP to cast Zealotry.
4. Try to use WOG and CS on water elemental, if you can kill it with few hits, thats good cause it would waste 16% of his mana if he want to resummon his pet. he might try to spellsteal zealotry and thats another 20% of his mana.
5. You want to FORCE him to use Evocation ASAP.
6. When he use Evocation(try to keep in 20 yards), Repentance the mage immediatly then use AW> Hammer > WOG if your running a bit low on health.

hopefully this helps a little.

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