Holy power fades out too fast

Blizzard, please make Holy power's fade out time longer. Make it the same as the death knights' death runes for example. The balance druids got infinite time to use their solar/lunar energy, so like I said make holy power fade out time at least like death knights' death runes. It's pretty annoying how it is now, holy power fades out too fast.
I mostly agree. I think a charge of holy power should last ~20 seconds. If we has unlimited time to hold the charge of holy power ret paladins could charge up three HP during trash and get burst dmg right off with TV in the boss fights, and I think blizz wants us to "ramp up" our HP charges to be able to hit TV.

On a different note I think paladins need a cool down button that gives us three charges of HP.
I know, it seems to go away JUST about 5 seconds before I need it to when I'm walking around or stuff. I see it as kinda like Rage. For a Protadin, anyway. So maybe that's what they were going for?

As for a CD, there is actually one in the Prot Tree (makes DP generate 1 HP per talent point, up to 3) and I think the Ret capstone talent acts very similarly (Zealotry increases the generation of CS to 3 HP per hit...or something like that, for 20 seconds.)

Holy doesn't really, but if you use HS on every CD and heal your Beacon fairly often with 3 points in ToR, you're going to have plenty of HP and no real place to dump it if you don't need to heal someone at the moment (maybe in Inquisition? Would be cool if they gave Holy a talent to make that "+holy damage AND healing" so it could be a useful healing CD...)
Just taunt any random bugs you see running around in instances, it'll keep your holy power. :D
It only decays out of combat and at 1HP/10sec... so don't stand around not doing anything for 30 seconds?

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