Looking for Cata raiding guild...

Experienced Wrath raider (with 3 ICC geared toons, 2 of which are KS with 9/12 HM 10m experience) looking for Cata raiding guild.
I have a Priest Healer I intend to level to 85 first followed by my Pally Tank/Dps and in third will be my Druid Healer/Boomkin.
My best raid times are evenings or later on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but am willing to look at weeknight raiding.

I can be contacted in game on this toon, or Nathelyn.

This bump is brought to you by Sprelf

Thanks for the bump dude. And a bump to myself.
Well now i have the guild for I just started one few days ago raid times are set Sat/Sun 4-8 Server and we will be raiding 10mans just drop me a mail or whisper in game for more info
Wow. I remember Milinara from a Scarlet Monastery run way back in the spring of 2008. How've you been, dude?

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