[Suggestion] Additional holy power from crits

When theory crafting for ret and relative stat values there didn't seem to be any talents/abilities that played off crit anymore. Before we had dots from crits and a stacking %dmg boost. This makes the value of crit rather linear and in my opinion boring. I love the changes to haste where it really feels like the stat matters because of our mastery/art of war/crusader strike cd.

So why not have a 20% boost on the divine power talent for crits (60% overall) or 20% chance on a crusader strike critical. Would add some more flavor to our play style and shouldn't really be overpowered with the reduction to stats. What do you all think?
I think we've been railing hard against holy power being so reliant on RNG that tying it to crit % sounds like a bad idea.
I didn't mean only generating it with crit, just an added bonus. So the base rate would remain the same you would just have extra incentive to crit more often. From a design perspective they seem to have removed a lot of the 'on crit' talents for more classes not just ret paladin.

Quite a few ret talents seem to have "increased critical chance" but this does not have synergy with other talents any longer. There seems to be very little difference having templar's verdict with 12% additional crit as opposed to 12% additional damage aside from random burst for pvp. It just feels like our play style has a "missing component" so to speak.

I understand, but perhaps there's something else we could gain from on crit instead? Making HoPo dependent on RNG is a sore spot right now. Even if it's just an added bonus, it makes it harder to predict when you'll have 3. It'll be frustrating to be hitting CS only to have a melee strike crit and generate HoPo making your CS a damage loss.

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