Dk or warrior

What should i level for cata s9, im mostly going to be doing arena, 2s,3s,and 5s what is more viable/better for pvp in general, so far i love prot warrior, no need to stance dance or switch weapons, just i dont have any slow downs, i play in def stance. (No hamstring) arms is nerfed, the damage was fun in 4.0 it is use full in arena with a healer i guess,

Dk on the other hand are good in unholy and in frost, they do not require certain debuffs on target as much as a warrior, rend, hamstring, sunder armor etc, they dont "stance dance"
Also what comps will be best for a warrior or a dk ?
warrior since glad stance is a thing now
60 minutes early for a 4 year old necro. Try better next time.

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