Looking for some guidance with my Ret Paladin

I have had trouble with my paladin since level 80, I am not pulling enough dps there for I get kicked out of groups, I have a small hp count and I hit for almost nothing. I am starting to get upset / frustrated with my character, not to mention the new patch completely screwed over Paladins. I come to all of you today asking for your help and guidance with my character....

Here is a list of questions I would like answered <3

1. What rotation should I use to pull the most dps? I am pulling around 3k dps and people are yelling at me and kicking me from groups for it *Sad panda* they say I should be pulling at least 5k dps. I would like to let everyone know that I Pve more than pvp...>.> and that I am god awful at pvp.

2. What stats should I focus on? Strength, stamina and so on?

3. Where should I place my talent points? (Please keep in mind that I am Ret)

4. What glyphs should I use.

Please take a look at my charecters armory and let me know what I should change / fix and so on, thank you all so very much for your help.

ok first of all u never wanna gem crit or anything with agility. ret pallies only focus on geming strength. second ur gonna wana reforge ur crit to haste so it lowers ur crusader strike cooldown. if u are under hit cap id reforge it instead of geming it. as for the spec just check me out on the armory for a good ret spec.
1. you don't really have a rotation, it's still a priority system. essentially what you want to do is hit exorcism when you proc art of war, and hit templar's verdict when you have 3 holy power, or when you get a mastery proc. crusader strike when it's up if neither templar's verdict or exorcism is available, and then fill the remaining time with judgment and holy wrath. consecrate if you have the mana for it and you're doing AoE stuff. use hammer of wrath whenever it's available on priority, whether during avenging wrath or when your target is below 20% hp. it's a proccy and somewhat difficult system to get used to, but once you do it works pretty well.

2. strength is key. after that you want to be hit and expertise capped, as close as possible. after that haste is really good since it lowers the cooldown of crusader strike and divine storm, crit is about equally good with haste, and mastery is about half as good as either of those.

3. my spec is pretty standard for a lvl 80, as far as i can tell. i find the haste on judgment talent to be of greater use than the additional seal damage talent presently, but obviously you'll want both at 85.

4. you can also check the glyphs i'm using, i'm pretty sure they are about what you'd want for ret at present.

i'd suggest checking out the paladin forums on elitistjerks.com if you've got gear/spec/attack priority questions in the future, there are a lot of posters there who spend a lot of time testing things so that they can figure out what is most ideal for every class and spec, and they are in general reliable in their findings.

hope that helps out!
Thanky everyone!

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