Possible new Black Pearl farming spot...

So I've seen a few threads here and elsewhere asking where the best place is post-Shattering to find Black Pearls. These are used in several professions but are crucial to Enchanters as they're needed to make one of the Enchanting rods.

Anyhow, while exploring Thousand Needles, I noticed that there were several new turtle mobs in the zone. They all seem to be around level 42-44, so I decided to go back and farm them to see if they would drop Big-Mouth Clams, the source for several types of pearls.

I focused on two types of mobs:
~ "Stranded Sparkleshells": these are regular-looking turtles that spawn on some of the few dry spots left in 1000 Needles. In particular, there are two low islands that have a nice concentration of these turtles - one is west of Freewind Post and the other is near the entrance to Mirage Flats. I rode back and forth (Water Walking FTW) between the two islands and by the time I finished one island and rode to the other, the turtles had respawned.

~ "Siltwash Terrapins": these are brand-new sea turtle-looking mobs that swim through the zone. There are less of them and they are farther apart, but worth tagging while traveling between the two islands I mentioned earlier.

BOTH of these turtles drop Big-Mouth Clams. I would estimate the drop rate at around 30-40%. During my farming run, I looted 42 clams - these gave me:

~ 1 Black Pearl
~ 1 Iridescent Pearl
~ 1 Small Lustrous Pearl

So not a terrific drop rate for the pearls, but OTOH it wasn't that great before. The bottom line is, Big-Mouth Clams CAN be easily obtained post-Shattering, and you CAN obtain Black Pearls this way. No absolute need to farm Mauradon or whatnot.

Anyway, I know this is sort of TL;DR, but hopefully this will be helpful for someone :-)

EDIT: I just farmed another 8 clams from these mobs and got 2 Black Pearls among the loot. So I'd say this is definitely a decent place to farm these suckers.
This is great to hear; I need golden pearls for a few enchantments so I'm glad there are still mobs that drop big mouth clams.
There's more stranded turtles where the sea broke into Thousand Needles.
were can u famr them for low lvl like 30
Sorry to necro, but thought I'd share a bit. Black pearls are over 400g on sentinels so, naturally, I went farming for myself. I swam up and the coast of Tanaris one time, killing maybe 20-30 turtles over the course of 30-45 mins and got about 6-7 clams. One contained a Small Lustrous Pearl.

I flew to the Speed Barrage (this is all done with my Alliance alt, btw), and began swimming up to the locations the OP referred to. I'm not even there yet and I've farmed a Black Pearl. I've been here for less than 10 mins killing the Siltwash Terrapin as I go and have come across 5 Big Mouthed Clams.

Going up and down the coast of Tanaris, you come across a turtle maybe once every minute or so, so this location is a far superior spot.

EDIT: I spent little over an hour at the location and picked up about 35 clams. Out of those I got 4 Black Pearls and 1 Golden Pearl. I wasn't able to locate the island near the Mirage Flats entrance the OP refers to, but swimming around killing the Terrapin worked out ok for me. The turtles on the island west of Freewind Post appear to respawn within five minutes or so, so it isn't too bad of an idea just to set camp there. I typically got abotu 5 clams out of the mob each time.
The sea giants in the shallows just southeast of Gadgetzan have a very good drop rate for those clams. As well as providing pearls, the meat from those clams are required for the Cooking quest in Gadgetzan, so they put a ready source of them nearby.
Have you tried Alcaz Island in Duskwallow? While trying to find the best place for specific pieces of gear for transmog, a guildie decided to see what dropped on the island. The pieces of gear that we both need for transmog drop there as well as quite a few pearls. In the 15 minutes I was out there one afternoon, I walked away with a black pearl, a golden pearl and an iridescent pearl.

***I know the thread is old but it was very recently that we found this out***
There's a cubic ton of naga along the coast in the Blasted Lands that drop those big mouth clams.

Edit: Questing through Blasted Lands on my warlock I got 2 stacks of em.
I (actually a lvl 43 Blood Elf Paladin alt on the Sen'Jin realm) farmed the turtles on the island west of Freewind Post; plenty of turtles and a modest drop rate for Bigmouth Clams. Ended up with one black pearl and lots of turtle meat and zesty clam meat, as well as various other loot.
Then I went to the one just as you enter Mirage Flats (slightly renamed in Cataclysm though) and found the island there absolutely infested with Stranded Sparkleshell Turtles! It was impossible to finish killing them off -- they respawned as fast as I could kill them; the place was constantly swarming with Sparkleshells. The drop rate for BigMouth clams was also noticeably better than at the other site. I left with five pearls and lots of additional meat and leather. I added up what the Auctioneer add-on indicated all of the loot was worth and it came to over $500G! Not too bad for a couple of admittedly monotonous hours of turtle slaying.
The peak of the Mirage Flats island is at (65,52); most of the island shoreline is too steep to jump up out the water and climb up to the turtles -- the place I found where I could jump up and climb a slope was (I think) at (65,50).
Thanks for the tip... I'm gonna go check it out right now.
Ok... Here's what my results were. I spent 2 hours here. I found one Island that was located at 64.8 51.7 coordinates. I wasn't able to find the other one you were talking about, but it didn't really matter. After farming all the turtles on the Island, I would swim underwater around it farming whatever turtles I could find there. By the time I was done with that, they had usually re-spawned on the island. I killed 89 turtles and got 2 Golden Pearls, and 1 of the Black Pearl (which is what I was after to begin with). I also acquired 58 pieces of Turtle Meat, 38 pieces of Zesty Clam Meat, and a whole slew of other junk, and weapons (some of which I was actually able to dis-enchant) All in all, not a bad run. I really hope I don't have to find more Black Pearls though. I didn't find any Iridescent Pearls though, I hope I don't need to find any more of those either. For golden Pearls though,... Not a bad place to farm. When I get higher and have a flying mount, this would be even better. Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated.

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