Need some help deciding

So i have played a mage at level 70 in TBC and loved raiding raiding and enjoyed it and was really good in pvp with it reaching decent ratings.

My eX GF has that wow acc so i have gone back to my old acc, i have started levelinga new mage ( level 35 ) and also a paladin ( lvl 25 ) I am having such a hard time decidiing.

On one hand i know end game i will LOVE MAGE and i know how to play it and its fun and if u can really master it its a deadly class. On the OTHER Hand since i leveld one before im finding myself getting pretty bored levling so im not sure what to do :(.

Paladin is fun but i just dont feel AT home on the class i feel like if i take him to 85 ill get there and say i wish i took the mage :( i tihnk im only enjoying it because its new?

Any advice or anything that can help me this is REALLY bothering me.
Dude, take my advice when i say: If u are bored with ur class, switch to a new spec and have fun with it. when u apply that to either of ur classes, pick which one u have fun with in the new spec u respecced to. and if u can't decide use the eenie meenie minie moe method. =)
Its killing me !! Here is a ACTUALLY Reenactment

*Logs Into Mage*
*10 Mins Elapse*
Me : " Alright , now i know its not the mage ITS PALLY TIME BABY "
*10 mins Elapse*
Me : " But i know pallys endgame pvp spec's cant dish out the dmg anymore and ret dps sucks "
*1 mins elapse*
*Runs to forums to figure out why im so screwed in the head*

(( Mind you i have 80 DK // 80 Lock // 71 Rogue // 70 Hunter // 70 Priest - refuse to play ne ))
--Rogue was my MAIN from WoW Launch for 2 years 8 months - isnt the same anymore

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