LF Guild (A) - Raiding/Rated BGs.


Recently I've been trying in game GuildRecruitment channel without luck so I figured I'd move it here to ask.

What I am looking for:

I'm currently looking for a relaxed, mature and competent guild that plans on raiding and rated BGs in Cataclysm. I knew its asking a lot, but I'm sure such a guild most exist!

My current hours are pretty flexible and fairly standard.

What you get:

This is a new character, but I am an experienced player. Before briefly retiring from WoW I lead a raiding guild (killed Yogg and completed quite a few hardmodes before ICC, started into ICC before I retired and handed off the baton), and I was an officer in another raiding guild before that, heading up a late night Naxx clear. I have had an arena team at 2k, and played over 1800 as Warrior, Paladin, Priest, and Mage.

While I am new to rogue, I can guarantee consistent high dps to your raids, elevated level of play to your Rated BGs, and a relaxed non-elitist attitude. I've had to handle people that think they are "the @@!@" and I know what that attitude costs guilds.

For now, you'll get my rogue who'll be 80 in a few days - in the long run, there is a resto/feral druid alt coming.


I have a friend that rerolled here joining me in coming out of retirement, he also has similar arena, raiding, and officer experience. Currently his rolling a Holy/Ret Paladin (a class his got a lot of experience with, included 2k arena experience), and is likely to have a %**%ton of high level alts sooner or later.

Sorry for rather long post, but a good guild is important to me, and I'm hoping that a little extra effort here will result in the best possible match. Post here to let me know about your guild, or hit me up in game. I can give further details (such as my old character's armories, etc) in game.


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