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im looking for a copy of a macro that goes something like this. in berserker stance out of combat, switches to battle stance and casts charge then switches back to berserker. and when in combat uses intercept. I have done a bunch of searching and none of the macros i've seen seem to work for me. I know they exist because i've seen fury warriors charging, what macro do you use for pve?
I wrote something like that a bit ago. Actually I wrote something better, an all-in-one ZOOM macro that worked wonderfully until Blizzard broke the command /Cast Charge and made it apply to jousting mounts.

So I had to tweak it a bit:

#showtooltip [nocombat] Charge(Battle Stance); [combat] Intercept
/cast [combat] Intercept
/cast [nocombat,harm] Battle Stance
/cast [nocombat,harm] Charge(Battle Stance)
/cast [combat,harm] Berserker Stance

The tooltip even changes depending on circumstances. It used to also check if the target was friendly or enemy and handle my intervene needs as well, but when the command became Charge(Battle Stance) the macro became too long and broke the character limit.

Even as it stands now it is too long for me to throw in alt-modifiers, so have another slot on your bar for this:

#showtooltip [harm] Intercept; [help] Intervene
/cast [stance:1/2,harm] Berserker Stance; [stance:3,harm] Intercept
/cast [stance:1/3,help] Defensive Stance; [stance:2,help] Intervene

This will intercept if your target is an enemy, or intervene if friendly. It also switches tooltips and icons depending on the situation, but if you are without target it shows a ? and I'm not sure how to fix it. Oh well.

I use it in situations where I am out of combat but have so much rage I don't want to lose it switching stances to charge. The Intervene was thrown in for kicks to be used for extra mobility around the battlefield.

Two macros for all of your mobility needs. Put them on the same button, one normal and one on your Alt button. You'll be set forever.
#showtooltip [help] Intervene; [nocombat] Charge; [combat] Intercept
/cast [combat] Intercept
/cast [nocombat] Battle Stance
/cast [nocombat] Charge
/cast [harm] Berserker Stance
/cast [help] Defensive Stance
/cast [help] Intervene


Don't know if this works, but if it does then you have yourself a macro. =)
Thank you for your quick response.
The one on the wowwiki macro page does not work. Im about to log back in i will check the charge/intercept macro to see if it works and let you know in an edit. If i wanted to change it to a prot charge/intervene macro, that intervened if target was friendly how would i go about doing that?

Edit-the macro you post worked. first click changes stance to battle, 2nd click charges, third click gets you back into berserker. I will see if i can edit the other macros i find online from charge to Charge(Battle Stance) to make them work.
I mentioned in my previous post a prot macro that would charge or intervene if target was friendly, i found one online that wasnt working before and simply charge to charge(Battle Stance)

/castsequence [harm] reset=15 Charge(Battle Stance), Intercept, Charge(Battle Stance); [help] Intervene;

and now it works, so for any other fury/prot warriors out there give these a try.

And special thanks to Grumble.
No problem. I suggest you get used to writing them on your own, for one it isn't difficult to tailor them to suit your tastes, and for another most of the ones your find on the net are either very bland or downright awful.
Thank you so much!
/cast [nocombat, stance:3] battle stance
/cast [nomod, nocombat][mod:shift, @focus, nocombat] charge
/cast [combat, stance:1] berserker stance
/cast [nomod, combat][mod:shift, @focus, combat] intercept

Works for me! The cool part is if you're not in combat and in zerk stance you only have to hit the button once to stance switch and charge.

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