[H] Druid and Mage LFGuild cata

I rerolled here to play with some RL friends and they are hit and miss at being on. My buddy and I have an 80 DK tank and an 80 Pally that we are making our alts and we are now switching to druid and mage as our new mains.

We are looking for a casual raiding guild that doesn't freak out if we have to take a night off since we both have families. 10 mans or 25 mans is our target with some PvP to boot.

We have both been raiders since vanilla, through TBC, and up to Ulduar in WoTLC We took a break at Ulduar for real life issues.

Let me know whats out there, you can message me in-game or send me a nice letter.
Hi there. We've just recently started <Misunderestimated>, a new 10man reroll guild on Korgath and you guys sound a lot like us. We've all been raiding together since the start of WotLK on another server, and some of us have been raiding together since Molten Core. We took a break after Ulduar but most of us are rerolling new mains and we're getting back together for Cataclysm.

We're pretty casual, alot of us have famillies as well, but we're all pretty good and we progress effectively through the content. We use to raid 10's and 25's but we're looking forward to doing strictly 10's now and not having to carry 15 nubs through with us anymore to get the best gear.

We do some PvP. A few of us have played above 2k but we usually stick to the BG's, and our focus is definitely more PvE. Since coming to Korgath we've noticed the alliance are pretty strong compared to a lot of servers, so it would be nice to add a few more members who like to PvP.

We raid on a set schedule twice a week from 9:30pm - 1:00am server (central) time. In WotLK it was Tue & Sun but we haven't decided on the days for Cataclysm yet.

We had our roster set a few months back but, coincidentally our druid and our mage have both backed out in the last couple weeks. I think you guys might be a great fit. What specs are you planning on raiding with btw?

I'm on holidays overseas atm so you wont find me in game for a couple weeks. Although, I might try to sneak in to a gaming lounge on release day to check it out. But if you are interested you can respond below or message someone else in <Misunderestimated> on Korgath and tell them you we're talking to me on the forums. But everyone is kind of taking a break, or still transferring over, and not playing much until the expansion comes out, so there might not be a lot of people on.

Hope to hear from you soon :)

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