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Wyrmrest Accord
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Vetus Incursio now have public & member forums setup at http://www.vetusincursio.com/forums if you could update that for us?

Thanks again Aellynne! :)

Guild Name: <We ARE That Kind of Orc>
Guild Level: 5
Faction: Horde
Website: None at the moment.
Guild Focus: Casual Raiding, Heroic 5 mans, Gearing for 10 mans
Roleplay: None
Requirements: Open to all class/specs currently. Level 80+ please. (Exceptions considered for newly transferred teams that are rerolling.)

GLBT Friendly and 18+. Mature, casual players and raiders. Laid back and low key. All of us are veteran players from other servers who just want to relax and raid for fun a couple times a week.
<Steelspring Cartel>

Faction: Horde
Website: www.steelspringcartel.com
Guild Focus: Gearing for casual 10 man raiding.
Roleplay: Encouraged, but not officially supported.
Requirements: A short in-game interview is required for everyone who wishes to join.

Short Description: Steelspring Cartel is looking for articulate and witty players to join us for heroic runs and casual raiding. We focus first on having a fun group, second on everything else. Visit our website to learn more.
<Terra Firma>

Faction: Alliance
Website: terra-firma.wowstead.com
Guild Focus: 10-mans
Roleplay: We all roleplay, and enjoy light-medium roleplay activities.
Requirements: 25+ to join as a member, 85+ to join as a recruit for raiding

Short Description: Terra Firma is a freshly formed, 10 man oriented guild working to fill a dedicated roster for end-game content. We house a proper guild bank with perks such as free consumables, enchanting materials, gems, and glyphs. We have our own ventrilo server to use during raids.

We raid Mon, Wed, and Sat - 5:00pm to 8:00pm PST.
Guild Name: Sons of Turalyon

Faction: Alliance
Website: www.SonsOfTuralyon.enjin.com
Guild Focus: Social/Leveling guild. 10 man raiding, some pvp
Roleplay: RP friendly, not mandatory
Requirements: Adult guild. Also, names must be RP-appropriate

Short Description: We are a large social guild with players of all levels and play types. With over 300 members, we have people in all times zones and there are always people online and ready to run something!

Detailed Description: Our main focus is on being an RP friendly social guild. We have a bit of everything here from brand new players learning as they level up to seasoned raiders who have been playing since Vanilla.

Guild Name: Incite

Faction: Alliance

Website: www.incite-wow.com

Guild Focus: Progression raiding and achievements.

Roleplay: Barely

Requirements: 70+ for Casual invite. 85 for Raiding.

Short Description: We are a end-game raiding guild that is focused on top realm progression. We are the #1 Guild on the realm have several realm firsts and will continue to keep it that way.

Guild Name: Spectrum

Faction: Horde
Website: spectrum-wyrmrestaccord.guildzilla.com
Guild Focus: Weekend Progression Raiding (10 man), Casual PvP
Roleplay: Non-RP
Requirements: 16+ yr old; 60+ Social, 85 Raider

Short Description: Formed 1/31/11, GL new to the server. 11/12 10 man Cataclysm Exp. Will push the guild to a top progression position. Sat/Sun 3pm-7pm PST Raid Times. Mature guild.
Guild Name: <Prophecy>

Faction: Alliance
Website: http://prophecywyrmrest.wowstead.com
Guild Focus: Social, casual PvE
Roleplay: None organized
Requirements: prefer level 20+, mature, respectful, kind, social

Short Description: Are you very respectful, kind, and mature and wish you were part of a wonderful in-game family? Consider <Prophecy>, a well-established, non-RP casual social guild. We are looking for some more quality people to join in the fun! We embrace all playing styles but are hardcore only in kindness. PST Griswalld for more info or for an interview, or start an application via our web site.
Guild Name: The Professionals.

Faction: Alliance

Website: Websites are for the weak.

Guild Focus: 10 Man Raid

Roleplay: We Roleplay a team of dedicated raiders at the 10man level. We RP heavilly, in guild chat and in /say, /raid and /party.

Requirements: Not infected with the "Terrible" virus that afflicts so many.. (Symptoms: 3k DPS at 85, PvP gear in Raids, Spamming big heals, Being Terrible)

A guild heroic is required before full membership is established.
Guild Name: <Gnomeregan Forever>

Faction: Alliance
Website: http://gnome4ever.guildzilla.com/
Guild Focus: Casual/Light: Social, RP, PvE, PvP
Roleplay: Encouraged but not required. Casual/Light RP with a focus on fun.
Requirements: Must be a Gnome. Must have RP friendly name.

Short Description: Gnome Racial guild. We do a little of everything, but not too hardcore into any one thing. Helpful members. Laid back atmosphere. Guild Perks.

Detailed Description: Are you a Gnome and PROUD of it?? Then we want YOU in G4!

Gnomeregan Forever is a Gnome racial guild. We accept all Gnomes regardless of class, profession, level or character alignment. We are currently Casual RP/Socially oriented, but we are excited about eventually expanding into all facets of the game that our members enjoy.

Whether you like to Roleplay, PvP, run Dungeons, or simply chat with a nifty bunch of Gnomes while you explore the wondrous World of Warcraft, we have a place for YOU in G4! Come be part of the biggest little guild around!
Guild Name: Redbark Hunters Lodge

Faction: Allies

Website: Pending Setup

Guild Focus: PVP

Roleplay: Casual

Requirements: The motivation to earn that 100k HK Alliance title and a taste for ORC BLOOD!

Short Description: Redbark wants YOU to get your ass down here and sign up for our Rated BG, Arena, and World PvP gameplay events! Come help us grow!
Saw a few inactive guilds that should be removed from the list.

<Live Full Admiral> merged with <Agoraphobics>.

Also, the GM of <Vetus Incursio> is in another guild now.
<The Shifting Tide> is also unavailable at this time.
Guild Name: <SINFUL>

Faction: Horde

Website: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=368630&TabID=3089297
and here is our Recruiting thread, its a little old but still accurate. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2179669704#5

Guild Focus: Progressive raiding in twenty five man content, and some guild arena teams.

Roleplay: None, though we do have a number of RP'ers in our guild.

Requirements: Level 85 characters with a PvE 350+il, who are interested in progressive raiding in the twenty five man content.

Short Description: We just want to see content while its still new and shiny in a twenty five man raiding environment

Detailed Description: As a guild we have been around a little while on server about 3 months. SINFUL is in all meanings of the word a hardcore raiding guild, our goal is to see content at the twenty five man raiding level while it is still new and shiny. Contrary to popular belief there are not random fits of "Nerd-Rage" or shouting matches and blame-fests over vent after every wipe. We know and understand wipes happen, we just wanna fix the problem, continue on to get new shiny's, and most of all just have fun.
Guild Name: Exiled

Faction: Horde
Website: http://exiled-wow.wowstead.com/
Guild Focus: Casual 10-man raiding, pve content of any sort, some pvp
Roleplay: Friendly towards, but does not currently hold any events for. Guild chat is ooc.
Requirements: None at the moment, though we don't need any Donalds or Crabcakes please.

Short Description: We are an older guild that enjoys casual 10-man raiding along with other pve content such as lvling alts, achievements, professions, progressing ones knowledge of their class. Always looking for new blood that enjoys casual gaming and just chatting it up with friends and joking around.
Guild Name:<Shatterstorm>


Website: shatterstorm.guildomatic.com (low content currently)

Guild Focus: Raiding

Roleplay: Some RP

Requirements: No level Requirement, 18+, availablity in the 4pm - 9pm server time range.

Short Description: Shatterstorm is a Casual Friends and Family guild that is looking to fill its ranks in order to enter the Cataclysm Raid content. We have a core of experianced and Helpfull raiders, and with a causal schedule are a great place for off night, and alt toons.

Detailed Description: (Whatever you wish, but will not be on the main page.)
Guild Name: Crusaders of Skadoosh

Faction: Alliance
Website: http://crusadersofskadoosh.wowstead.com/
Guild Focus: Social / PVE
Roleplay: Optional
Requirements: n/a invitation based more on social compatibility

Short Description: 1st and foremost a social guild, but working towards building a 10 man raiding team. We use vent heavily for chat, dungeon runs, music etc. We will accept players regardless of skill level.. however we do encourage improvement and are always happy to help! The majority of us are late 20's - late 30's with couples, and singles.
I know I'm probably a bit late on this, but could I have the guild Leviathan removed from the list? We disbanded a while back and it's just used as a guild bank for alts of the original founding members. Thanks.

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