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Guild Name: Aureus

Faction: Alliance

Website: aureusguild.com

Guild Focus: PvP and RP

Roleplay: Optional

Requirements: None.

Description: A guild to teach ICly and OOCly how to PvP. Contact me for more information.
Guild Name: The Night Travellers

Faction: Alliance

Website: [coming soon!]

Guild Focus: PvE, possibly raiding in the future, light RP

Roleplay: Not much, we're not an RP focused guild, but we do plan on having guild events for those of us who do enjoy roleplay!

Requirements: Be able to speak proper English, take a joke, and just be active in general.

Short Description: We're still a level 1 guild, so it's been hard finding new members with no perks as an incentive to join [unfortunately that's all people seem to care about in a casual guild these days], but we've got 17 members at the moment, and are hoping to expand. Just a group of casual players who want to have fun with a social guild, without drama and annoying children! We're also hippies. :D
Guild Name: <SINFUL>

Faction: Horde

Website: http://sinful-wa.wowstead.com/

Recruiting Thread.
<a href="http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2661227590#5">http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2661227590#5</a>

Guild Focus: Progressive raiding in ten and twenty five man content, and some guild arena teams.

Roleplay: None, though we do have a number of RP'ers in our guild.

Requirements: Level 85 characters with a PvE 355+il with head and shoulder enchants, who are interested in progressive raiding in the ten and twenty five man content and will be able to show on a regular basis.

Updated information. For up and coming 4.2 as well as our new website and recruiting thread.
Updated again.
Guild Name: <Death Over Dishonour>

Faction: Alliance

Website: dod-wra.wowstead.com

Guild Focus: 10m raiding, casual PvP

Roleplay: Casual

Requirements: Level 85

Short Description: DoD is #1, and we know it. Yes, we are smug punks. We're very picky about who we recruit - we are dirty, raunchy, and crude, and not everyone fits in.
Guild Name: <The Remnants>

Faction: Alliance
Website: http://remnantsofazeroth.enjin.com/
Guild Focus: Med Lore driven RP/PvE
Roleplay: Guild scheduled Roleplay events 3x weekly, website forum rp.
Requirements: Lore friendly character name. Reasonable activity. IC interview.

Short Description: If you build it, they will come... RP guild rooted in Lore from WC thru Catacalysm. Multi Racial and will take toon under 10 if actively leveling. Alt friendly. We may be just what you are looking for!

Detailed Description:

(IC) The Remnants *of Time* is an organization of scholars and historians; of whom many are living history by way of having been alive in times of old. We are exploring Azeroth's past to prevent repeats of mistakes that can destroy Azeroth's future. All provisioners, scholars, archeologists and clerics are very key to our research as well as witness/survivors of large events. Current Research Lead is Verety Paxton. Verety conducts interviews on Frdays, 6p server time.

(OOC) . Please visit our website to visit our guild rules and requirements and learn more about us. We have assembled a guild for purpose of gathering RP driven individuals to have a stable base of like-minded guildies for fun events, slow steady progression and exploring all world content. We wish to keep a very lore driven core of players, in keeping with that Warlocks and Rogues should be low key; Worgen :cursed humans. Currently the emphasis is on core members to found a stable base. Contacts: Mail or pst Maevynthyn or Winterskill. Or walk in Friday. When Joining by website, indicate common hours your character can be found online for invite when selected.
Guild name: Dragonbane
Faction: Horde
Website: http://dragonbaneguild.com
Guild Focus: 10 man casual raiding / social guild
Roleplay: not required
Requirements: fill out an application at the guild site.

Short Description: We are recruiting for any class, and we will focus on raiding during the weekends for us working people. You may contact Me, Kynlee, Drekz or Ryziam for any questions and/or concerns.
Guild Name: Without A Trace

Faction: Horde

Website: www.withoutatracewra.proboards.com

Guild Focus: Nothing is excluded, but no set structure.

Roleplay: Roleplay is welcome and encouraged, but not required.

Requirements: level 15+, player age 18+ (some exceptions), courteous behavior

Short Description: This is a guild for anyone that isn't looking for the traditional guild, i.e. solo mains, lesser played alts, average casual players, etc. This will be a very informal guild with no hard expectations at all.
Guild Name: Council of Four

Faction: Horde

Website: http://counciloffour.guildlaunch.com/

Guild Focus: 10man progression raiding

Roleplay: Accepted, but not required

Requirements: Be online, be active. raiders are required to be prepared and on time to raids.

Short Description: Council of Four is a growing guild with two 10m teams. We are currently 5/7 in firelands and working hard to make our mark on Wyrmrest Accord.
Guild Name: Ichnee Ishe'alo

Faction: Horde

Website: http://ichnee.guildlaunch.com/

Guild Focus: Our true focus is to find a good group of people to enjoy every aspect of the game with, casually, of course.

Roleplay: Light/Med RP, hoping to eventually do events.

Requirements: Only real requirement is to be laid back enough not to throw a hissy fit when the random capslock storms and perverted humor starts being thrown around. We tend to get hyper, and like to get silly.

Short Description: We are just a group of laid back, silly, if not psychotic people looking for others to enjoy the game with. We RP, and often, but find PVE and PVP just as important. Have a life? Work? We do too. We're not the type to chain others to a schedule, and refuse to get mad when people pick ( GASP! ) Their real life over the game.
Guild Name: <Ninth Orgrimmar Regiment>

Faction: Horde
Website: theNOR.guildportal.com
Guild Focus: PvP (Arenas, RBGs and world PvP)
Roleplay: Very light (Intricate backstory and ranking system, but no RP events or any focus to the progression of our Roleplaying aspect)
Requirements: 1600+ arena or RBG rating, vent (speak and listen), have a pair (we're jerks to each other, we'll be jerks to you, deal with it and learn to be like the rest of our family), no bads (if you suck, we're probably gonna shun you until you G-Quit yourself)

Short Description: Horde-sides premiere PvP guild. Seriously, you like PvP? Why would you join any other guild.

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