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Guild Name: Council of Shadows

Faction: Horde

Website: http://council.guildlaunch.com/

Guild Focus: 10 man raids

Roleplay: Supported, along with a light plot line for the guild.

Requirements: We welcome all players as long as they're respectful.

Short Description: We're a jack of all trades guild with easy going raiding, currently 7/7. Many of our members enjoy PvP and old world raids as well. For Roleplay, the Council of Shadows is a mercenary group for those looking to get your toons involved in some RP. If interested contact Rakhalen, Valaeli, Menelwen, or Gwenneth.

Detailed Description: The Council of Shadows, led by Tauren Elder Rakhalen, is a mercenary group surprisingly led by people of good morals. Word may travel that they have an unofficial headquarters in Falconwing Square where the Priestess Gwenneth runs a healing ward known as the Sanctuary. Those looking to join should visit there ICly.
For Raiding, we're currently working on Heroic Firelands with one group and starting regular Firelands with the other.
Guild Name: Lost Champions

Faction: Horde
Website: http://lostchampionswa.guildportal.com
Guild Focus: Progression Raiding
Roleplay: Supported, not required
Requirements: The willingness to improve, vent, regular attendance

Short Description: LC is a progression raiding guild with members who know their stuff, get crap done, and enjoy hanging out with each other in our down time.

Detailed Description: As progression is our main interest, we expect gear to gemmed and enchanted, you to have done your class research (because we have and we will tell you when you've done something wrong) and come to every raid ready. We are not scared of new players or fresh max levels, we are more then willing to teach you and help you gear, especially if we know you can pull your weight. We aren't elitests, wipes happen and we aren't gonna kick you just because real life interferes, but we do expect each member of our raid team to take into consideration that 9 other people are depending on them to have their crap together.
We are a group of mellow people, and we often hang out in together outside of raiding. Someone can almost always be found at an RP hotspot, PVPing, running randoms or playing other games together. We are diverse as our characters and are open minded and tolerant of people who are likewise.
For more detailed info, look at Yggd's recruitment post here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3118271831
Guild Name: <Stepping Stones>

Faction: Horde
Guild Focus: Leveling

Short Description: Opening my level 25 bank guild for everyone. No requirements to join, all members can invite, no requirements to stick around. Only rule is one-month inactives are kicked to keep things clean. Abuse the perks, someone should get some benefit out of them.
Guild Name: Excalibur

Faction: Horde
Website: http://excalibur-wra.wowstead.com/
Guild Focus: 10-man casual raiding with semi-hardcore progression mindset.
Roleplay: N/A
Requirements: Level 85, properly enchanted and gemmed (no need for best, but please try to afford best alternatives), good sense of raiding awareness, willing to improve and willing to learn from mistakes.

Detailed Description:
We are a PvE guild founded in 4.2 with the purpose of competing with some of the top guilds on the server, while having fun and kicking !@# at the same time. Please note, although we do run on a casual schedule, it is not an excuse to be lazy as a raider. We don't expect you to be top of the line raiders, but we do ask that you're willing to constantly improve. Recruiting threads will be posted when recruitment is open.


Guild Name: Hand of Voren'thal

Faction: Horde

Website: www.handofvorenthal.enjin.com

Guild Focus: Immersion, Unity with its members, expanding to casual raiding

Roleplay: Scryer based RP

Requirements: Must be neutral or better alignment with the Scryer faction (we hold meetings in Scryer territory. As long as they won't attack you then you are good.)

Short Description: Having met his goals in Outland, Seer Voren'thal wanted to form a military unit that would see that the Sunwell and Silvermoon stay safe and out of the hands of Ragnaros and Deathwing. We are newly formed and looking to expand. We hold regular RP events and look forward to doing guild run heroics and in time casual raids. An IC interview is required. Either apply on our site or talk to Kitella or Harbinger in game. Thank you.
Horde guild space has almost filled up on the front page.

If you know if any of those guilds are no longer around, please post here so I can update it.
<The Professionals.>

Website: http://the-professionals.wowstead.com/
Guild Focus: 10m Heroic Progression Raiding
Roleplay: We Roleplay a team of dedicated raiders at the 10man level. We RP heavily as raiders who down bosses. (AKA, we are not an RP Guild)
Requirements: Not infected with the "Terrible" virus that afflicts so many.. (Symptoms: 3k DPS at 85, PvP gear in Raids, Spamming big heals, Being Terrible) Also want people that LISTEN, and LEARN from mistakes they make the FIRST time.

A Firelands Heroic run is required. This will judge ability to adjust, to listen to raid instructions, and is a general dps check as well.
Guild Name: <Sunrunner Battalion>

Faction: Horde
Website: sunrunnerbattalion.tk
Guild Focus: RPPvP - Casual RegPvP, Competitive RatedPvP, Fun WorldPvP, and IC for all of it.
Roleplay: Immersion RP, three-a-week events with consistent IC between.
Requirements: Sin'dorei only, any class or level welcome though we are obviously especially looking for those capable or nearly capable of joining us in end game activity. Have a backbone, initiative, and humor; We embrace those who put effort into what they do.

Short Description: We are a tight knit three year old guild with a laid back atmosphere, friendly and active members, and a healthy RP base. This guild is ideal for anyone looking for PvP and RP, as we do both and do it damn well.

Guild Name: <Apex>
Faction: Horde
Website: apexwra.shivtr.com
Guild Focus: Main focus on PvP, Secondly RP. Some casual raiding on the side.
Roleplay: Just getting started with the rp aspect after moving the guild over but we have long time experienced RPers within our ranks.
Requirements: Only real requirements we ask for is that we keep this a drama free area.We are made up of adults and will act and speak like such.

Short Description: As the battles against the evils of Azeroth continue, the Apex Vanguard look to refill their ranks with able bodied warriors, spellcasters, and healers.
We look to guard our people on the battlefield and off in our own backyards.

As a commissioned guard as well as assisting troops for the Horde, we offer guardians, physicians, medics, and diplomats as well.
If you are interested in joining our ranks and fight alongside many heroes, we welcome you.

Guild Name: Hero Quest

Faction: Alliance

Website: http://heroquest.guildlaunch.com/

Guild Focus: PvE, PvP

Roleplay: None-Low (mostly stories/bios/artwork on website)

Requirements: Apply to website.

Short Description: Casual, sporatic, mature, tight-nit group, that dabs into a bit of everything without taking it too seriously.
Guild Name: Flatus Squirrelus

Faction: Alliance

Website: http://sfwow.enjin.com

Guild Focus: In-character 10 man raiding.

Roleplay: Heavy roleplayers who raid together. Guild chat is OOC.

Requirements: Players of all kinds are welcome, raiders must adhere to typical raiding requirements. Gems/enchants in order, a willingness to learn, etc.

Short Description: Friends raiding and roleplaying together in a stress-free environment.

Detailed Description: Our old raid has dissipated and our new raid will be deciding on its times soon. We accept casuals and roleplaying raiders who are interested in making predictable progress on a simple schedule, and who enjoy a guild without the restraints of themes and storylines that are difficult to get in to. Like to take every day as it comes? Has your character ever wanted to kill the remnants of an Old God? Are you a friendly player who can be social and available in all aspects of the game? Hit up Vincentus for an invite!

Please keep me posted on inactive/disbanded guilds.
Guild Name:The Red Menace

Website: theredmenace.enjin.com
Guild Focus: Dungeons/10-man Raiding /PvP
Roleplay: Optional/Individual
Requirements: We accept all classes, races and levels.

Short Description: Casual social guild interested in all aspects of play. If you are friendly, active, have a good attitude and can show up on time to scheduled events, then we are looking for you!

Detailed Description: Do you want to kill Deathwing and roll with the most elite and best geared players out there? Then go join some other guild! We are a group of semi-mature, friendly folks who like to run dungeons, raids and BGs with other fun people in a casual, relatively stress free environment. We schedule raids on most weekends (Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons). Most of us have jobs/school/whatever, so evenings are your best bet for activity. If this sounds like your type of thing, please check out our charter on the website for more specific information and contact Rhysa or Tystardel for any questions or for a brief interview. Happy hunting all!
Guild Name: Reckoning

Faction: Horde
Website: http://reckoning-wra.enjin.com
Guild Focus: Raiding new and old content, PvP of all kinds, RP
Roleplay: Medium RP - Loose guild storyline and we have several experienced RPer's
Requirements: Application via our website is required, the only strict rule we have is quite simple: Don't be a jerk!

Short Description: Reckoning is a casual/social guild that dabbles in almost every aspect of the game. We dabble. We're dabblers. Casual does not mean bad, though! We have a 10 man progression raid team that smashes boss faces every week, we have several pvpers among our ranks, as well as RPers, achievement hunters, altoholics and more. Look us up if you're looking for a mature but hate-free and mellow and fun environment!
Guild Name: Undone

Faction: Alliance
Website: http://undone.shivtr.com/
Guild Focus: Dungeons/Casual Raiding /PvP
Roleplay: Optional/Individual
Requirements: We accept all classes, races and levels.

Short Description: Social guild interested in most aspects of play. If you are friendly, active, have a good attitude, then we are looking for you!

Detailed Description: We are a group of mature and friendly people who like to run dungeons, raids and BGs with other fun people in a casual, easy-going environment. If this sounds like what you are looking for, please contact Sunarri for any questions or for a short interview. Feel free to peruse our brand new work-in-progress website. Cheers!
Front page completely updated, and many disbanded/inactive guilds removed.

Please let me know if you information needs updating.
Guild Name: <Lawful Chaos>

Faction: Alliance
Website: http://lawfulchaos.guildlaunch.com
Guild Focus: Casual 10 man, Leveling + social!
Roleplay: Exists, but optional
Requirements: Inviting all levels.

Short Description: Level 25 leveling guild with something in store for everyone. PvPers, PvPers and those who need a leveling home, are all welcomed in a drama-free zone!

Detailed: We're a large member-based guild who has members that will assist those who are leveling. We have many raiders and plan on forming a second 10 man team in the future. We also have PvPers who plan battleground nights and more! This is a pot-luck type of guild with something chaotic for everyone.

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