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<Flatus Squirrelus> needs to be updated to the following:


Website: http://sfwow.enjin.com
Guild Focus: RP-PvE | Heavy roleplay, medium-core raiding.
Roleplay: Heavy roleplayers who raid together. Guild chat is OOC.
Requirements: Drama free is the way to be. Players of all kinds are welcome. Guild is theme-less and will accept all alignments but "evil". Characters must be lore-appropriate. Raiders must adhere to typical raiding requirements. Gems/enchants in order, a willingness to learn, etc.

Guild Name : Glorious

Website : None

Guild Focus : Glorious is a casual pve guild focused on end game content.
We are currently 8/8 normal ds and we are looking for serious and experienced
players to fill some raid spots as we try and progress into heroic mode content.

Roleplay : None

Requirements : Please know your class and know it well. Please have a schedule that allows
you to make our raiding times, which are friday and monday @ 7pm server. Subject to change.

Short description : Glorious is a level 10 pve guild , probably one of a few in a sea of rp guilds
on wyrmrest accord. We are focused on normal cata end game raiding ( we raid ds every week) and will eventually move onto heroic content when we are ready.Once all of our raiders are geared up in heroic ds gear we will then begin to get ready for mop, where glorious will reign supreme once again!
Pst me in game for more details. We look forward to raiding with you :)

Faction: Horde

Website: www.duskguard.org

Guild Focus: Casual Raiding

Roleplay: Medium-low

Short Description: Duskguard is a guild dedicated to helping adults with busy schedules enjoy raid content in a mature environment. We feature short, organized raids and flexible attendance requirements, along with a family-friendly guild culture that encourages kind and respectful behavior. For the past five years we've shown that busy adults can enjoy defeating the toughest raid bosses, earn legendary weapons, and be effective players, all in just a few hours a week.

Detailed Description: We run 10-man raids three days per week (typically Wednesday, Sunday and Monday) from 5:30 to 7:30 PM server time, and often have retro-raids or other fun events on off-nights. Attendance is optional and you choose the days you are available each week. We run short, efficient raids that start on time and end on time to help you make the most of your hours in-game. We are very picky about only admitting smart, respectful and friendly players who will help us make raiding fun and pleasant instead of a chore.

If you are interested please view our website and apply at www.duskguard.org

Welcome to <Duskguard> & <Glorious>!!
Updated info

Guild Name:The Red Menace

Guild Focus: Leveling
Roleplay: Optional/Individual
Requirements: We accept all classes, races and levels.

Short Description: Leveling guild with members interested in all aspects of play. If you are friendly and have a good attitude then we are looking for you!

Detailed Description: Are you a decent human being? Can you interact with others without being a jerk? Then you are welcome in <The Red Menace>! We are a leveling guild with some of the nicer guild perks available to our members. Contact Rhysa or use guild finder to apply.
Updated info

Guild Name:The Red Menace

Got ya.
Guild: [ Lockout - LXXV ]
Status: 8/8 (Regular) | 1/8 (Heroic)

Title: Looking For Raid Ready Players for Dragon Soul Raid Team.

Message: Please visit our guild website for raid expectations or to apply for a role on the raid team. All of Lockout's raid leaders require every raider to be prepared and to carry their best to each raid.

Raider Responsibilities

  • flasks
  • buff food
  • raiding addons
  • ventrilo
  • appropriately gear for your role
  • fully enchanted
  • correctly gemmed

  • Raid Schedule:
    Thursday 8:30pm - 11pm - (90% attendance is required).

    Class Openings:

      Mdps (dk, warrior);
      Rdps (mage, lock);
      Heals (druid, shaman);

    *Apply @ lockout.guildlaunch.com
    See You Ingame.
    Guild Name: Silvermoon University
    Faction: Horde
    Website: working on it
    Guild Focus:dungeon, leveling, rp, and more
    Roleplay:light to medium rp
    Requirements: whisper in game for more info
    Short Description: Leveling guild and rp.
    Detailed description: Our goal is to have a teacher for every class role, profession and race history. So if you know your class well and would like to teach others to play it well we may be for you. If you like to RP as a craftsman and know what you are talking about we may be for you. If you know your race lore well and would like more people to roll it well we again may be for you. We will also looking to have a Head Master role so if you think you can fill that roll we are interested. If you would like to learn your class we may be for you. If you want to learn a craft skill we may be for you. If you would like to learn your lore more efficiantly we may indeed be for you. If we get big enough I may add extra teachers. I am looking to recruit all levels and play styles for a balanced rp and fun times. I look to help those new to rp feel more at ease doing so and this setting could be a great doorway. Helping one another will be a big priority and if we can rp while doing so even better. If you would like to do something a touch different than what the norm is while staying with lore and helping people at the same time give us a shot. Send me in game mail or a whisper. Thank you.
    Guild Name: Brotherhood of Kalimdor

    Faction: Horde

    Website: http://BrotherhoodofKalimdor.shivtr.com

    Guild Focus: RP, PvE, Retro-raiding

    Roleplay: Guild events, long-term storylines, inter-guild co-ops, world event attendance

    Requirements: All races except Forsaken and Blood Elf accepted. All classes accepted at level 20+ and Death Knights at 70+.

    Short Description: Our aim is to recruit like-minded souls who want long-term RP, to raid both old and new content, and to create a family-like atmosphere we can look forward to logging into every day.

    Detailed Description: The Brotherhood is a battle-ready humanitarian group with the ultimate goal of seeing Garrosh overthrown and the Horde returned to a path closer to that of Thrall and Cairne's vision. In the meantime, our focus is to rebuild Kalimdor from the damage done during the Sundering and to help those peoples displaced by turmoil. We will stand as a ready shield and an able blade for those who cannot wield their own and though we will not seek a conflict, we will certainly finish it. We cooperate with any group or organization whose goals align with our own and seek enrich the spiritual bonds that hold the Horde together as a whole.
    That said, the Forsaken are regarded with great wariness and avoided when possible since their goals and ambitions tend to be self-serving and their agendas of collaboration lead to alliances that suite only their needs at the moment. The Sin'dorei are similarly regarded due to their ties with the Forsaken, but to a lesser degree.

    Faction: Horde

    Website: http://www.mythos.abyssportal.com/

    Guild Focus: 10 man progression raiding to start but hopefully move to 25 man progression raiding in future.

    Roleplay: RP supported but not required. Some Guild RP events planned.

    Short Description: Mythos is a guild made up of friends who enjoy playing the game together. We’re big on things like mutual respect and having an easy going atmosphere for our members.
    Guild Name: Prime

    Guild Focus: Raiding and RP
    Roleplay: Individual with a open-ended story.
    Requirements: We accept all classes, races and levels.

    Short Description:A long standing and well known lvl 25guild looking for dedicated members. We are a very friendly crew that recently opened our doors to new players and novice raiders. Guild chat is never empty as we always try to keep random conversations going.

    Detailed Description: Seriously, it's a game and the goal is to have fun, right? Why would you put yourself in a guild that is full of drama and rules? Meh. To each their own. But for the ones that want a casual atmosphere with a group of fun people; PRIME is the guild for you! [Insert talk show-host smile here] Just message anyone from PRIME and let us know a bit about yourself. Rper or raider, it doesn't matter. As long as you're cool, know the difference between playful banter and drama and enjoy weekly events.... then come onnnnn downnnnn!!!
    Oh wow.. would you kindly mind updating the Crusaders of Skadoosh post?

    It would probably be best if the "but working towards building a 10 man raiding team" could be replaced with "but have multiple raid teams and schedules"

    Thanks a bazillion in advance. That seems like so long ago :D

    Someone should bake you cookies for constantly maintaining this list.
    No problem!
    Guild Name: Panopticon

    Guild Focus: Newly formed (6/25/2012) guild with an outlook on raiding. Will be developing a core 10-man group to start raids ASAP. Will also be doing light PvP and RP.

    Roleplay: Optional but currently seeking a Roleplay officer to start guild RP events.

    Requirements: 60+ casual, 85 raiding (will help level and gear to start raids ASAP)

    Short Description: Panopticon is a new guild formed by two friends. One of us has been playing since Vanilla and I started during BC times. We have seen all different types of guilds and experienced the good, bad and the ugly.... which is why we are offering a friendly environment. In Panopticon we will be focusing on strictly 10-Man content with a friendly and patient attitude. This will not be a casual raiding guild as Raids will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays if need be to conclude content (may be scheduled to changed/raiding times to be determined).

    Detailed Description: Our focus will be raiding 10-man content, getting ready and working as a team for MoP. We want to develop a strong solid group of people playing together and helping each other. For more information or an invite pst:
    Faction : Horde
    Guild Name: Insight
    Website: insight-wyrmrest.guildlaunch.com
    Guild Focus: PVE Progression (10 & 25 man) - Leveling / Casual Guild
    Roleplay: Welcomed and supported with RP events.
    Requirements: Only requirements are that players conduct themselves in a mature fashion and are willing to respect other players who may be new to the game / server / faction. No level requirements and we welcome alts. Our guild is founded on the idea of helping other players and our structured rank system promotes those most helpful !
    Faction: Horde
    Guild Name: Its Our Fate
    Website: Itsourfateguild.enjin.com
    Guild Focus: 25 Social PvE guild with old school raiding.
    Roleplay: Light RP friendly with a few events here and there.
    Requirements: We accept all races/classes/levels.

    Short Description: We transferred from Frostmourne (Oceanic PVP) back in January looking to strengthen the guild, bring in new players along with the old that chose to move, and enjoy some role play with the lovely people of Accord. Looking to build upon our foundations in time for MoP, we wish nothing more than a strong member base who're friendly, helpful to others and want nothing more than to work together as a team.

    Detailed Description: We're a friendly guild with no requirements if you wish to roleplay with others or would like to do their own thing. We're here to help you, in gearing, roleplaying, have a good time with other like minded individuals in the guild. We have a strong foundation to stand upon, with the same regular members, you'll soon grow to feel at your home away from home if you ever decided to join with us.
    Pst for Information/An invite:
    - Rosevisage
    - Letuma
    - Dunak
    - Chlorophyll
    Name: Champion of the Alliance

    Faction: Horde (just kidding...)

    Website: www.alliancechampion.guildportal.com

    Guild Focus: World PVP and Role-Play

    Roleplay: Mandatory and must adhere to canon lore.

    Short Description: A group of like-minded Alliance champions fighting as a subdivision strikeforce for defensive and offensive measure against the Horde. (Please check out our website for more lore info regarding our origins)

    WHAT TO EXPECT: Weekly Meetings and Public Events, Engaging Role-Play, In-Character Town Raids/Defense, Learn/Teach PVP Mechanics and much more!

    Requirements and Pre-Requisites: Level 85th-90th. All Races/Classes allowed but characters must be in good standing with the Alliance people and military. Alts are welcome provided you have an aforementioned 85th-90th champion in the guild. Due to the nature of the guild's focus, champions will be required to have at least a basic PVP armor set or equivalent. We will assist you as much as we can with this!

    Please send tell to Santiágo in-game regarding recruitment. Thanks!
    Guild Name: Wrought from Ruin

    Faction: Horde
    Website: www.Wrought-from-Ruin.com
    Guild Focus: PvE, casual raiding, community
    Roleplay: Optional
    Requirements: 18 years of age or older

    Short Description: Wrought From Ruin is a semi casual, relaxed gaming guild looking for people to join our ranks.

    Detailed Description:
    Wrought from Ruin (WfR) is a guild of adults who believe in a strong sense of community, are an awesome combination of serious and silly, with both dedicated and casual players - all built around a strong core of people who believe you get out of a guild what you put in.

    Past & Present
    WfR was originally a World of Warcraft guild founded in August of 2011 by a core group of veteran players who had known one another over the years from other guilds and servers. Although we originally came from Moon Guard (and yes, we have horror stories) we have since transferred the guild to Wyrmrest Accord and are currently rebuilding for Mists of Pandaria.

    We make our homes on RP servers because we enjoy the more mature community that is often fostered there, but we are an RP optional guild and it is in no way required. You will not receive grief about not RPing, and we ask that members not give grief about RPing.

    WfR does not strictly RP as any particular group, but welcomes characters of all back stories. The only defined structure for our RP is what the games give us.

    Unsurprisingly, guild chat is always OOC (out-of-character).

    Most of us are long time players who have a more casual take when it comes to raiding. Our aim is to have fun together while gaming, and a big part of that is to keep an atmosphere where people are more important than loot and enjoying the moment is key.

    If you are looking for a progression focused raiding guild we are not for you. On the other hand if you're looking to see content at a more relaxed pace while having fun with your friends then that is the experience can we offer.

    When recruiting we look for friendly, mature and active players who are community oriented and enjoy having fun. Whether you are looking to raid or are searching for a social environment while you conquer the world with your own personal army of alts you are equally welcome into the guild.

    All members are required to be 18 years of age or older and agree to our Code of Conduct. There is also a 30 day trial period for all new members; we promise not to bite (unless asked), but we want to make sure new members fit in well with our community.

    Please visit our website www.Wrought-from-Ruin.com for more information or to apply.

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