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Wyrmrest Accord
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Guild Name: Silverforge Consortium

Faction: Alliance
Website: http://silverforge-consortium.wowstead.com/
Guild Focus: A blend of RP and PvE, with a bit of PvP mixed in. We do a lot of old raids for fun/transmog and are looking into starting a second raid team for progression.
Roleplay: Yes, medium RP with weekly events.
Requirements: 15+, 60+ for DKs, but that's not set in stone.

Short Description: Silverforge Consortium is a laid-back guild with a great, funny group of people. You'll usually find someone up to doing anything you wanna do, whether that be RP, instances, raids or PvP. We're a great destination for night owls, as well!
Guild Name: The Silent Creed
Faction: Alliance
Website: http://silentcreed.guildlaunch.com/
Guild Focus: Heavy RP, RP-PVP, and RP-Dungeons (in-guild only)
Requirements: Level 20+, 60+ for DKs. (There is a rank for your alts rp or non-rp. You just cannot chat in guild.)
Apply Online first, there is a guild application.

Short Description:
The Silent Creed is an underground organization (think mob-like) filled with mostly Chaotic Good aligned alliance. For the right price will do the unsavory work that others do not wish to dirty their hands or reputation for. Need it broken down more? We are a bunch of Alliance, all races/class/alignment welcomed who go about doing what they can to bring down corruption in the worst way possible, but to them that is the only way to get it done. Most who are Chaotic Good or Neutral would fit in well, but that does not mean that all alignments would not find a good place for themselves here. This being said trust is earned, respect is blood, and our duties are silent.

The Creed is not here to hold your hand, make you gold, hear about how some hussy gave you, well whatever it is this week. Leave all of your complaints, and whimpers to your bedtime pillow. However, if you are looking for others who are wondering around the outcast of snobbery..impish demise of well most anyone who crosses your path and steals your ale than the creed is your fate. Together we will undertake what really needs to be done for the Alliance.
Guild Name: Intrepidity

Faction: Horde
Website: http://intrepidity.enjin.com/
Guild Focus: A blend of rich RP and PVE both
Roleplay: Heavy, detailed, mature RP. We are NOT an ERP guild, but we realize this is World of WARcraft, not world of 'Let's play house!' craft.
Requirements: Level 10+, over 18, must be LGBTQ friendly. Online application is a MUST, as well as an IC interview if need be. Our application is available on our website.

Short Description: Intrepidity is a new RP/PVE guild on WrA that is focused on immersion, leveling, and raiding leading into Mists of Pandaria. We are a welcoming, friendly community of individuals from all walks of life. If you wish to involve yourself in new storylines, deep and enriching community wide RP, and kill dragons--we're the place for you.

Detailed Description:

Intrepidity is about being bold. About being courageous, standing up for what’s right, and never taking “No.” for an answer. It’s about questioning authority, and getting answers no matter what the cost. We are no strangers to the political whispers in the streets, and if you are the type to have information that’s cost you or someone you love--we know the feeling all too well.

Here at Intrepidity we won’t just pay you for your information. Hell, to start we might not even pay you. We’re not a mercenary band. We’re a group of individuals from a wide berth of backgrounds that all, at one point--stood up and said, “No. I am better than this and I’m going to conquer anything.” we’re veterans of the Cataclysm, or even those who have fought in the tundras of Northrend. Some of our members are even scarred and jaded from the events of the second, or even third--war. We aren’t going to tell you what you need to be for us, force you into a role, or make you run errands. We want you to find your place, and get your hands dirty.

What that means to you is open to interpretation. Whether it be securing a place for the Horde in the world by slaughtering the Alliance without mercy, or defending Azeroth from the evils which plague it--Intrepidity isn’t the place to question how you spend your time. Only that you’re doing things. That you’re taking action. We do not want those who wish to remain idle. Who want nothing to change. We seek explorers, thrill seekers, adventurers, and people with insatiable curiosity. We’re a close knit band when together, and will always have your back under the banner of Intrepidity.

Are you brave enough to join us?
Guild Name: Runes of the Valkyr

Faction: Alliance
Website: In progress
Guild Focus: Roleplaying/Old school raiding.
Roleplay: Medium roleplay.
Requirements: Decent understanding of grammar/new to roleplaying (We like to change that!)

Short Description:
Every member here is equal, No goal is out of reach, no member goes ignored, We strive to help each other achieve their own personal goals and in doing so, the guild as a whole grows. We welcome any and all to try their hand at roleplaying and if you wish to take on some scourge while you're at it, the come right on in!

Detailed Description:

Runes of the Valkyr is a clan of like minded individuals who play to have fun, to level with the guild, to see it grow. What we expect out of members is patience, honor and loyalty.

A single organization working with the remains of the 7th legion in Northrend to drive back the scourge regardless of their apparent control by Bolvar Fordragon. He may be better than Arthas but he is new to the position and has to struggle with the will of the actual Lich King. Since the Arthas' fall, The Argent Crusade are too few to actually clean up the Scourge, as many are joining the fight to stop the Twilight Hammer, leaving room for a new organisation to step in to clean up the mess. We are that solution. We are that answer.

Are you ready to destroy some scourge filth?
Guild Name: Old World Travelers

Faction: Alliance

Website: A work in progress.

Guild Focus: Old World Content and Achievements
Roleplay: We are looking for someone to be an officer to take the riegns of the RP part of the guild.

Requirements: All levels, All races

Short Description: We are a PvP, PvE, RP, But our main focus is going to be Old World Content

Detailed Description: For those who have never seen it and those who want the achievements, we will help with leveling and we will also be doing end game stuff too, we are a level 4 almost 5 now and working on getting maxed, we are laid back and dont expect anyone to do anything they dont want to do, come join us and enjoy the game again with no one expecting you to do what you dont wish too
Updated and many inactive guilds removed to make room for MoP.

Let me know if your guild adds need updating.
Guild Name:<Death Company>

Faction: Horde

Website: http://www.dcwra.shivtr.com/

Guild Focus: Rated Battlegrounds and helping members find solid Arena teams.

Roleplay: Frequent Guild Events(Inter and outer), Character driven story-line, Guild Website stories.

Requirements: Being active, patient, and willing to learn if inexperienced in either RP or PvP. Not being a Blood Elf is always a plus, but not required.

Short Description: <DC> is a close-knit group of players with a passion for competitive PvP as well a love for RP. There are officers dedicated to both aspects of the guild, ensuring that equal attention and focus are distributed between them. Above all, we believe that what makes any guild great are the friends you make by being a part of it, as many of the officers have been playing together for years.
Guild Name: Revolution

Faction: Horde
Website: http://revolutiononline.enjin.com
Guild Focus: Roleplay, leveling, casual raiding
Roleplay: Heavy
Requirements: A strong character concept, a calm head, and a willingness to teach and learn. Active is a major plus, but RL will always come first.

Short Description: A group of misfit mercenaries banding together to fix the world on their terms. Hellscream devotees need not apply.

Detailed Description: After a recent transfer from Kirin Tor, the Revolution is rebuilding and letting their story evolve as we get more people in. While we are building a raiding team, Revolution has no intention of becoming a progression guild at this time, as our primary focus is RP. Questions? Visit the website or chat with anyone wearing a Revolution tabard!
Guild Name: Hunters of Lost Azeroth

Faction: Horde
Website: huntersoflostazeroth.enjin.com
Guild Focus: Casual Raiding, Roleplaying, mix of everything else.

Roleplay: Moderate

Requirements: Friendly, well-tempered and willing to listen, but not afraid to speak up. Individuals wanted, not drones.

Short Description: Mercenaries, Archeologists and friends to Harrison Jones. We are a pseudo-renegade group of treasure hunters, from lost relics to "modern acquisitions". Good guys for the right pay, and investigators for the sheer thrill.
Guild Name: Proven

Faction: Horde
Website: http://provenx.guildlaunch.com
Guild Focus: Casual raiding guild with a focus on 10 man raids and rated battle grounds.
Roleplay: We have a few casual RP'rs and certainly welcome people of all playing persuasions.
Requirements: 18+ age, friendly non-trolling and personable :)

Short Description:
Many of our members are working adults with families and other responsibilities, and we value our friendships within the guild as much as we do downing that next raid boss. In the end, it is the experiences we share with each other that we will remember, not the random loot drops from some on-screen pixels.

Detailed Description:
Established in April 2009, we are a casual raiding guild with a focus on 10 man raids and rated battle grounds.

We are new to this server and decided that rather than hopping into a new guild, we would like to continue our adventures together under our banner and start rebuilding in a fresh new place.
We took a well needed break from the game during the 2nd half of Cataclysm. We are back, recharged, refreshed, and ready to leap into Pandaria.

We aim to see all end-game content in Mists. That being said, it must be emphasized that we are a "casual raiding" guild. We do not have a mandatory raid attendance policy; guild members determine their own level of involvement. The more you show up and contribute and show your commitment to the Proven family, the more likely you are to be involved with our raids.
Guild Name: Crimson Blade

Faction: Horde
Website: (In progress)
Guild Focus: Raid progression (10 at first, escalate to 25)/ Slight PvP aspect if it were to arise.
Roleplay: Medium
Requirements: 18+ in age. More to come in the future.

Short Description: Crimson Blade is a guild founded by two long term friends that have been gaming for 8 years. The goal of Crimson Blade is to become a recognized raiding guild with a RP side to it. I wish to follow to the lore, and to create a fun family others can relax in.

Detailed Description: Crimson Blade was founded on the idea of having those like minded Raiders and Role players that wish to progress into Mists of Pandaria while holding IC in a dungeon or raid instance. Although Raid progression will come before Role play, time will always be found to Role play! Because lets face it.. its a role play server! The raid times will be held on Mon/Tue/Wen at 12:30am-2am PST. Yes we are a late night raiding guild and we still are building a core, and even if one is still made things can change. For more information contact either Asentrix or Bwonsamdi!
Guild Name: <winter>

Faction: Horde.
Website: winterguild.guildportal.com
Guild Focus: Casual raiding, PvE fun.
Roleplay: Non-RP.
Requirements: All levels and races are welcome to join. Please be mature and friendly.

Short Description: <winter> is a casual, personable, F&F style guild that focuses on enjoying the content in the game in all sorts of various ways. We are currently recruiting for raiding but anyone is welcome to join the guild!

Detailed Description: <winter> is a level 25 pve focused guild on Wyrmrest Accord server and is looking for more members to fill the ranks. We're a small casual guild that enjoys raiding and various other group activities. We're a tight group of people who enjoys meeting new people, having fun, and helping others. All people of all levels are welcome but we're also looking for DPS and Healers for raiding MoP content.
If this sounds good for you, please pst Almatari, Ende, or Maximüs!
Guild Name: <Shadowfist Clan>

Faction: Horde
Guild Focus: Roleplay, leveling, possible raids, pvp, pve, fun.
Roleplay: Medium-Heavy
Requirements: Orc, Tauren, Troll, Goblins of all classes. Possible Panda's and Elves and Undead.

Short Description: <Shadowfist Clan> is a medium-heavy RP Horde Mercenary Clan. Our purpose is to fulfill bounty contracts and slay Alliance wherever Hellscream's finger points. For more detailed info whisper in game or send questions through the mail in game to Marakal.
Guild Name: Bloodsong Vanguard

Faction: Horde
Website: bsv.guildportal.com
Guild Focus: Rated Battlegrounds, Solid Arenas, World PVP and Pretty much everything PVP! we also RP
Roleplay: We are a Militaristic RP guild [ Medium ]
Requirements: 40+

Short Description: a newly formed RP PVP guild already with a large active player base. On average we have at least 15 people on at one time. We focus primarily on world PVP, RBGs led by 2.2k+ players, premades, and RP in a close-knit environment.

Detailed Description:

RP Backstory

Of course, being on an RP server, we also offer RP for those desiring to fully immerse themselves in the spirit of the game. Please be aware that we are a PVP guild first, and RP is NOT required to be a full member of the Bloodsong Vanguard! If you are interested in learning more about our backstory, the Vanguard is a private military working for the Horde, which of course is overseen by the Kor’kron. Garrosh’s hand in our organization is High Warlord Eg, a stoic Orc that is more than ferocious on the field of battle. He is assisted by many advisors, such as the honorable paladin Valendreth, a death knight Daelas, and the battle-priestess Valisia, who oversee the day-to-day happenings within the Vanguard along with other officers. As a military group, the members are expected to have some knowledge of the art of warfare, though there is room to grow and learn with others to watch your back. Meetings will be held for members of the Vanguard to meet one another and get to know their strengths and weaknesses before they are expected to assist each other in battle, and we are hoping that fellow members will interact with each other outside the Vanguard-hosted events. Note: While it is not required to RP to be a full member in the guild, it would be nice to have even non-RPers attend guild RP events in order to help get the close-knit spirit of the guild.
Guild Name: Conclave of Azora

Faction: Alliance
Website: conclave.shivtr.com
Guild Focus: Academy & Artifact Hunting Organization
Roleplay: Heavy
Requirements: None

Short Description: Conclave of Azora is a quality-controlled medium/heavy role-play guild centered Mage-themed academy of magic; as well as relic and artifact-hunting preservation society. We are headquartered in the Tower of Azora of Elwynn Forest in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Detailed Description:
The Conclave of Azora (or simply 'Conclave') is a role-playing guild founded as an academy devoted to the study of magic, the cataloging and creation of spells and the recovery and safekeeping of magical artifacts.

Aspiring students of magic can expect expert instruction in each of the six sanctioned schools of magic which include Conjuration, Enchantment, Abjuration, Divination, Illusion and Transmutation; Necromancy, while an accepted school of magic is a forbidden subject within Conclave and thus, is not taught.

A seventh unofficial 'school' of magic is offered for study at Conclave, being Fel Magic/Demonology. Students interested in pursuing a magical education will receive instruction in Demonology from Conclave instructors while also being responsible for 'rounding out' their magical education by the study and mastery of several other schools of magic as well.

Non-Warlock students have the option of receiving instruction in the school of Demonology as well, though their course is theory-based and focuses on how s/he can best defend themselves against practitioners of this school of magic.

Conclave also fields a full support staff, including medics and archaeologists. Conclave also employs an elite cadre of Spellbreakers whose abilities specifically arm them to safeguard Conclave students and faculty. Spellbreakers are also receive special training and instruction within Conclave to arm them for their secondary task; the subjugation, disarming and (sometimes) elimination of magical threats to Conclave students and staff; both internally and externally.

What You Can Expect With Us
Step-by-step in-character instruction on your way to becoming a Mage or Warlock
Unique grading and graduation system that progresses you as a student of magic.
Immersive and frequent world, dungeon and raid-driven RP events that will take you all over Azeroth and Draenor.
Dungeon Master-style event management system that turns every event into a story-arc.
Cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.
Guild Name: Whitetusk Tribe
Faction: Horde
Guild Focus: Casual Raiding, PvP, and RP
Roleplay: Casual/Serious, but Gchat is OOC
Requirements:Nothing is required.

Short Description: Whitetusk Tribe is a casual weekend raid guild. We raid at 4pm server time on Saturdays and Sundays. We are recruiting all classes for our raids. We are currently 2/6 MSV 10, but we have encountered the loss of a few core members. IF you are looking to raid with us please message Tulvir(me), or Nezza. We also do old school raids for RP gear and transmog sets. So, if you are interested in any of this please shoot us a whisper. ;3
Guild Name: Wrought from Ruin

Faction: Alliance

Website: wrought-from-ruin.com

Guild Focus: What do we do? More or less whatever the heck we want. You will find us goofing off and running old content for kicks, running current content at our own pace (we have no interest in being the "bleeding edge" of gaming), PvPing, dipping our toes into RP, and just chilling in chat. We’re here to enjoy the games and each other.

Requirements: None

Short Description: Wrought From Ruin is a relaxed gaming guild looking for people to join our ranks. We are a group of adults that enjoys gaming, and prefers to do it socially. We are seeking like minded people to enjoy gaming with.

Detailed Description: Wrought from Ruin (WfR) is a guild of adults who believe in a strong sense of community, are an awesome combination of serious and silly, with both dedicated and casual players - all built around a strong core of people who believe you get out of a guild what you put in. Please check out our website for more info and contact one of us in game, or feel free to apply through the website and one of us will get in touch with you at a time that's convenient for you.

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