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Guild Name: Enigma

Faction: Horde

Website: http://enigma-wra.enjin.com

Guild Focus: Casual (but focused) 10 man raiding, achievement hunting, having a good time with friends

Roleplay: We are not an RP guild, but have roleplayers on our roster and welcome them to our ranks

Requirements: 18+, friendly, active

Short Description: Formed primarily as a 10-man raiding guild, we offer a social, engaging, and inclusive atmosphere for all members, regardless of whether or not they raid with us. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, welcoming place for people to spend time with friends, chat, and help each other out.
Guild Name: Battle Hardened

Faction: Horde
Website: battlehardened.guildlaunch.com
Guild Focus: PVP
Roleplay: Optional
Requirements: None, though a good idea to enjoy PVP

Short Description: Battle Hardened is primarily focused on PVP, including random BGs, RBGs, arenas, and world PVP. With multiple RBG teams and many different groups for random BGs and arenas thoughout the week, if you enjoy killing Alliance, this is the guild for you!
Guild Name: Lost Champions

Faction: Horde
Website: lost-champions.com
Guild Focus: Enjoyment of the game, PVE, RP, PVP
Roleplay: Not required, but we have quite a few heavy RPers and occasional guild plot lines to enjoy.
Requirements: Vent for Raiding, tolerance for other players, it's recommended you be an adult or at least be mature enough that no one will know better.

Short Description: PVE centric with a lot of heavy RPers and enthusiastic PVPers. Semi-frequent RP events and two progression 10 man Raid teams with no ambitions for 25 any time soon.
Guild Name: We Take Candle

Faction: Alliance
Website: www.wetakecandle.com
Guild Focus: PvE, Casual Raiding
Roleplay: Optional/Light
Requirements: Must be 18+ of age

Short Description: We Take Candle is a friendly, social guild that prides itself on providing a fun environment for its members. See our website for more information!

Detailed Description: See website for more information!
Council of Four needs updating :) We are progressing in HoF with one 10 man team. website is the same.
Faction: Alliance
Guild Name: The Enigmatic
Guild Leader: Piesh
Guild Level: 25
Alignment: Chaotic Rambunctious
Further Info: Small PVE guild looking for members.
Website: http://theenigmatic.guildlaunch.com/ (work in process, bear with us)
Forum Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8728422792

"Why are we looking for the Neverset Book of the Dead? Purely for academic purposes, we assure you, and not because someone unsavory offered us our weight in gold for it"

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