Problems with Hammer of the Righteous

Every so often, my Hammer of the Righteous will NOT send out the multi-target wave, which is what I use it for, but instead just do 20% weapon damage or whatever the additional effect was to my main target.

I wouldn't say this happens rarely, but it frequent enough that it's gotten quite annoying from a tanking and leveling perspective.

Anyone else experiencing this?
I've noticed this too, but I've always assumed it was a dodge/parry/miss, so I can't say for sure if it's bugged.
I have seen it happen, and recount, omen, Hdps, combat and other addon shows it simply didn't work.

I have also had sotr since the hot fix not crit on SD auto alot, still happens, also not landing a hit but not missed, parried or dodged. I had sotr also delay enough that I almost charged up to 2 holy power before its last damage effect was applied. Unless SD only increases the crit base of sotr, but from the status effect it just say your next sotr will be crit.

Same with AV all 3 points land but no damage goes on cd, and had GC not reset cd.

I seen several times when I had no holy power on the meter yet I got a charge of wog at full power but not sotr or the other way around, and few times I had a judgement not unleash.

I open with reckoning/AV then use hotr for damage and av refresh chance, judge before shield bash then wrath/hotr.
Been having the same problem for a couple weeks now.

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