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Is it safe? When I was hacked, got my account recovered, my friend said thats what you get for having Curse, it gave you a keylogger..

Is that true?.... Or is it maybe that one of the add-ons are bad, like i read on the battle net FAQ, if so does anyone have an idea which ones are bad?
The curse client is safe provided you make sure you are getting the real one from the real curse website. If you download it from some other site, who knows what might have been put in it?

Curse has had a few problems in the past with bad adds from their add feed but I think they are a bit more vigilant now about watching their add feed. Still to be safe I strongly suggest using something like firefox with the addblock addon to prevent adds from loading.
what I found interesting is that when I signed up for curse my email was fine, it was after I signed up with them that it turned my email account into a wow spam folder.

Makes ya wonder.

so now I have an email account that I use only for signing up for things and another for family/friends.

As for a keylogger. I have run different software to scan for anything malicious and nothing has popped.
If you downloaded curse from a 3rd party website, then yes it probably had a Keylogger.

If you downloaded it from curse, then there is no problem.

Like you said, it could be some of the addons doing the keylogging.

Get an Authenticator.

kk thanks, and yes i have one now
I've been using the Curse Downloader for a while now and haven't had any issues with it (though I also have an authenticator). I like it, nice and easy to update my addons.
No, you got your account hacked because. You have bad computer security and Didn't have an authenticator. Do go blaming something else for your fault, Curse is perfectly safe.

Was I blaming Curse? I was just wondering if it was safe or not and i got my answer, thanks.
I could've sworn you posted this same bloody thing about 2 weeks ago on the old forums.

Keyloggers cannot come from the Curse Client.

Let's assume Curse got lazy and didn't scan some addon they uploaded. You downloaded via the Client and installed it. The addons CANNOT access data outside the game (as I learned from building an IRC addon...). Let's just say that even with that, you found an .exe with the icon of a cute bear with CHAINSAWHANDSBZZZZZZAAAW...why did you click on it?

More often people are leaping to blame outside sources before admitting failure of their own (or at least admitting to known unsafe browsing).

Curse is safe, I've been using it for a couple of years now. I will say though you should get an authenticator, it will be the best six dollars you spend in this game.
I don't belive Curse is safe for one moment. I got hacked last year after downloading the client from the cursed website. Quit the game for a couple months and came back and found out when trying to reup my account was hacked. I used protection while playing and while I was out of WoW for a few months. After I got hacked I got the authenticator and had no issues since. I don't trust Curse one bit.
No, you got your account hacked because. You have bad computer security and Didn't have an authenticator. Do go blaming something else for your fault, Curse is perfectly safe.

I had to do that in a dramatic reading when I attempted to read that.

On topic, there is always a chance that an add-on is actually a keylogger, has happened to me more than once. An authenticator can help you a lot.
Using the Curse client is a dumb idea. Regardless of whether or not it actually caused you to get hacked. Not using it removes another potential entry point. It's not hard to manually download and extract addons to the proper directory. It's not like you have to do this everyday anyway. Skip the client, manually install, and know if you ever do happen to get hacked, it wasn't because of the Curse client - because it wasn't ever installed on your machine.
yes it is safe

check out the forums there, many people ask if its safe. and admins and what not explain how it all works.

besides, i have used it since its been out and i have never had a problem. i actually really like it.
Simple solution to keyloggers, dont EVER type out your password.

Yes because the people who write keyloggers have no idea how to lift information from the clipboard.
i use curse but i dont necesarily trust it. good thing i have an authenticator though.

i did a little test...created a brand spanking new email address and registered it on curse. nothing else but curse. few days later i was getting phishing emails along with a few other sapms in my brand spanking new created email thats only registered at curse. coincidence?
Curse and WowInterface both scan the files uploaded as add ons to their sites.

While yes, they did have a problem one time with an advertisement feed it was a loophole in Adobe Flash, not in the Curse Client nor in a particular add on.
You probably got hacked because you have an outdated version of Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is about as secure as a screendoor on a submarine, so every time it prompts you to update, YOU BETTER UPDATE because it means some massive security flaw was found yet again that needs to be patched up ASAP.

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