Just stack intellect."NO Int/spirit!" O.o

I came back from testing this guys new abilities as holy and I think I'm getting the hang of it AND liking it. However I'm at a bump in the road. Since the patch I was told ALL healers need to gem in spirit, but a person told me with a pally main that holy pallies just need int like they always had. I'm kind of confused here. Is it pure int most holadins gem into or is it int/spirit?

Gem straight Int and reforge for spirt/haste
Gem straight Int and reforge for spirt/haste
Hello Acius,

Each Paladin needs to find the appropriate balance of intellect and spirit for their play style.

As of today our itemization is as follows:

Intellect = Spirit > Haste > Master = Crit

Once you've decided how you're going to gem, you should reforge your gear.

When reforging always remove crit and add spirit. If an item already has spirit you should add haste if possible. If you can't add haste or spirit, you shouldn't reforge the item.

Good luck in Cataclysm,


- Apok

Raid Leader

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