what i did to my BE paladin

here is a story of my only BE

one day, imunholy was created, he was a good sport as he mingled with the other horde races some; however, he began getting into groups of full blood elves. After see how all the other blood elves acted by disrespecting the horde for being "ugly", he start following their example. he made fun of all the toons on the character screen for not being a blood elf, this upset the great overload and master; as a result, he was put on hold. After serving his punishment, he changed to a protection paladin to which he was doing good and behaving. This did not last however as he changed back to ret and said "I'm not taking a beating for these lesser races, time to kill some uglies again". The great overload and master was enraged by this remark, so he took him to a nearby mail box and striped him of his heirlooms, then to the character screen where he stared in confusion. He heard his sentence and began to beg for mercy as the letters D E L E T E were typed.
...he stared in horror as the cursor move to the delete button, he saw his fate and at the last minute, closed his eyes. imunholy was no more and it wa this time a new champion would rise. Divinebovin was born and so far has been a noble tauren worthy of the paladin class, but what will his fate be in the future?

the morale of the story?
stay above the influence, dont make a blood elf
Mine just woke up one day and said to herself "OMG, thank goodness all that elf-hattery was just a really really really bad dream."

She's since sworn off going to Brewfest again.
But im Hot and Your not.....

Poor poor Imunholy, persecuted for his looks
I feel so sad for him :( What a waste of good looks.
12/03/2010 8:29 PMPosted by Alimony
Fake pally.


If your comment was a lore-directed one at Tauren paladins - look at the excuses for blood elf paladins and compare. At least Tauren aren't sworn to evil. The presence of paladins among the blood elves has always had some odd logic to it. First enslaving the light, and then suddenly having an 'oops' about-face in mid BC. Tauren were always the lore-logical choice for paladin. BE's only got it because it fit to give the new BC race the new-to-horde class for game reasons.

If its to some claim that I'm a newbie paladin, I'm guessing I've been one roughly a year longer than you - though its tricky checking this via armory and we both have censusplus data implying name or server changes.
Cute cow defense
I hate Blood Elves. But I love Pallys. :/

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