Thinking about Us (pvp)

Hm, so we are officially a month or two into the new ret pally. I just wanna start this question off by saying I love the new style; it took me a day or two to get the hang of it. And it certainly helped after the last patch 'fixed' a few things in my mind. My PVE dps is better than ever and I know this toon is my fav. still.

My concern is pvp. I am -really- enjoying this guy in BG's, and suddenly ret paladins feel balanced. I do great against most classes, long as I know my class and my abilities. What keeps taking my breath away, though, is Sanctified Wrath. Being able to pop my angel wings open and just hit Hammer of Wrath for 15-20k on someone is gorgeous.. a real tear to my eye, before I chase them down for the kill.

I wonder how long Blizz will let us keep this, as it seems appropriate for us. A good deal of classes can dispell the wings or run away, but they don't, and I have fun using it. I know people complain about pvp though and nerfs happen. So just wondering what my fellow pallies think. Thanks.
If you think that is fun try prot pvp all the damage with a silence.

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