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Good even'n all.

I'm thinking about transferring to or rerolling on a PvP server (been RPPvP up till now). I'm not sure I'll be getting Cata, but I have a month or two before I decide. I'd be interested in world PvP, Rated BG and some Arena and likely not involved in raiding.

So, that in mind some questions.

How is world PvP here?
Horde-Alliance balanced?
How is the community? Good back and forth on the forums? Friendly guild and faction rivalry?
How is the population?

I'm sure there will be an influx of people and online time once Cata drops, I'm just looking to get an overall feel.

Thanks for any input you have.

~ Foulwin
There's a lot of newbies here, and of course the resident population is resentful of that. There can be a Queue time during peak hours. So if you're a 'tard that can't wait for 10 minutes, then look elsewhere.

There's apparently more alliance, and there's more world PvP here than whatever backwater server you came from.

As for the input, I recommend blue curtains, as they go with nearly everything.
How is world PvP here?
Very good. Up until Cata, I used to host Halaa battles almost every weekend. You can bet those were fun. There are many random World PvP skirmishes than occur on a daily basis as well if you keep your eyes open.

Horde-Alliance balanced?

There are more Alliance by a decent margin, but the Horde still has many players and a solid community. Many play Horde just to have a challenge in World PvP. More to kill is the way I see it!

How is the community? Good back and forth on the forums?

It's mixed, to be honest, but it's expected on a PvP server. Most of the server misfits troll trade, but the majority of the people are great to be with.

Friendly guild and faction rivalry?

All the time, like I said. It's a very common occurence among the higher-standing guilds to face each other in World PvP (in terms of Ally vs. Horde guilds) and definete competition in PvE.

How is the population?

The population is very abundant. I don't have trouble finding PvE or PvP events on Horde side, so I'm positive Alliance side is the same.

Overall: It's a good server with many levels of players in both PvE and PvP. There are many Guilds that you can find your own niche in the community.

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