Death Knights vs. Paladins in Cataclysm


I have a level 80 dk that ive been raiding with, and a 79 paladin that im leveling for cataclysm.

on my DK, i plan on being a dps for my guild, with the possibility of tanking. Ive been considering making my Paladin my main, and tanking on him though.

which class do you think will be the strongest for tanking in cataclysm?

it feels like paladins will offer a lot more utility, but ive heard that Dks will be the best main tank class, as far as threat generation, and eating damage.

I'd like to hear what somebody else thinks about Dks vs Paladins as far as tanking in cataclysm.

if you want to say something about DPS, you can, but im almost certain i will be sticking with my Dk for dps.

i posted this in the DK forums to, but i wanted to get some feedback from both sides.
It really depends on if what they decide to nerf later. Right now, paladin tanking is in a pretty good spot, but things are skewed because we are not 85. I'm thinking most tanks are gonna be pretty even in general.

As far as paladin vs dk, both have a significant amount of self healing. The dk has more cooldowns at the moment but the paladin can heal others.

Play the class with the spec that feels the best to you. If you plan to dual spec at all, get a feel for the spec you want to combine with prot.
Since you say tanking Paladins are in a pretty good place for Tanking and I would stick with that. While DK's may have I "think" 2 more CD's to use Block + our Mastery go together very nicely and allows your healers to have a more consistent stream of damage even when your CD's are down.

That being said, if you're looking for DPS'ing for a Offset on your Paladin DK's are in a better place right now (both Frost and Unholy are strong specs).

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