[A] <Mail Enhancement> is LFM for Cata 10-man

<Mail Enhancement> is LFM for Cataclysm 10-man raiding.
Experienced, competent players with high standards welcome. We like to joke, but are dedicated to end-game content. Standing in fire, Shadow traps, getting cleaved, and other things of this sort will not be tolerated.
Raid times will be Tues / Thurs / Sun 7-10, Sunday if necessary.
Currently needs:
-discipline priest
-restoration shaman
Introduce yourself through in-game mail or whisper to Critsmcgee or Baltruid .
You should change your guild name, if you want to be a serious raiding guild that is. I would not take this name seriously, and I have very low standards.
Overly dramatic names ftw huh. We're here to raid content efficiently while having fun. Been raiding for four years, I've been through top 250 guilds, I'm happy with the guild name I've got.

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