Fastest way to get honor points?

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12/17/2011 09:47 AMPosted by Barntok
where can i get an auto attacking bot?

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Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest weekends are not only the fastest honor, but are the best for those players that are undergeared. Yes, I said it. People new to 85 can hide in the larger crowds, and still contribute what they can. In any PVP game, the disruptors are just as important as the front line grunts. Slows, heals, traps, buffs, range damage if you got it. I was backcapping bunkers as soon as I hit 85, which is a huge plus.

I think it is just as important to be paying attention and know what to do in a BG, as it is to have the best gear. So I do believe that even someone brand new to 85 can contribute, as long as they pay attention and learn the game.
doing random BGs and farming jp to convert to honor. :O
If you fight bow flags u get 3 honor instead of 1
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03/14/2012 01:27 PMPosted by Silentârrøw
You can max out on Honor by doing like 15 random BGs

yeah right, what game are you playing?
If you win all of them you can get anywhere from 200-400 honor depending if you were farming or not.
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A loss in Tol Barad usually nets 300+ if you're around the scrums.

A win = over 600, add in the 200 weekly Victory quest. Exploit this.
Queuing for dungeons. After you earn those 1000 Valor points everything after that offers Justice Points Example Well of Eternity Heroics

You get 70 points of Justice per "Boss"
you also get a 70 point reward
so that's 280 per dungeon
so for every 15 dungeons you do
That is 2500 honor
best way is call to arms or random bg
why did you necro this
Random BG's, and Tol Barad every 2 hours if your horde. Gives you what, 700 or so I believe?
Random bg or better get av weekend is the best for alliance. Do not do pve. It is retarded slow and conversion is not to your favor. In theory it sounds like its faster but some heroic groups will take 30 min easy to finish and the points you will get to convert is crap. I got geared in a day of doing av weekend. Trust me, PVe way is fail.
Queue as tank/healer for HoT instances, convert to HP. Much faster than dealing with all the bots/afkers/premades in BGs.
reading dates is hard
Random Bg's and tol barad whenever you can get to it. And there is a daily in Grizzly Hills that gives you 50 honor all i know.
05/29/2012 05:38 PMPosted by Dífferent
why did you necro this

*Does random BG for 5 hours*
I hate my paladin and i really need hierlooms for a hunter and it is taking me FOREVER to get honor points.

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