BUG: Horde unable to get to Badlands

Bug Report
I've already submitted a ticket on this, but I'll post it here as there's apparently a "high traffic of petitions." The horde flight path from Light's Hope Chapel to Fuselight is broken as it tries to take you over Twilight Highlands, which then automatically ports you out to Wetlands. I ended up off my bat rider in the middle of Wetlands with no idea how to get to Badlands. The only way i got the flight path out there to begin with was because of a Goblin quest that lets you ride on a Touring Rocket down there. This is a rather big hitch in my level 48's leveling process, as after Badlands i'm supposed to apparently hit Searing Gorge... and I have no idea how to get to there without being able to get to Badlands.

Thanks for your help!
According to wowpedia.org you can also get to Badlands by boat from Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave in EPL Or you can go Swamp of Sorrows to Burning Steepes to Searing Gorge to Badlands.

These are just temporary work arounds for you. I'm in no way shape or form suggesting that they not fix this bug. It won't be as much of an issue after Tuesday but it'll still affect people who haven't purchased Cataclysm
Yup. It's like that for both Horde and Alliance.
It appears to be trying to fly you over twilight Highlands which isn't open until Cata (just took the FP trying to get to Badlands). It warps you to the GY the same way if you were on ground in Wetlands & try to run through the gate into TH.

Edit: can hoof it too if you end up in Wetlands, take tunnel in South (Dun Algaz) to Loch Modan, then head south (directly below the lake) to cut into Badlands (there's a small path on either side of the ridge)

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