Current RET vs GOOD Rogues?

Wtf do you do now?

Before we had hand of freedom which, honestly made the duels....

Any tips?
Use a shield.
No, seriously. You won't always win but you have the survivability.
It changes it from an "always lose" to a "chance to win"

If you can get enough "free" word of glories thanks to the talent, and you can get enough exorcism procs, you will win.

Edit 1: Be sure to use a resil shield and resil 1h.

Edit 2: Even if you don't win, you WILL live for a much, much longer time than without the shield. So in group pvp, someone is bound to show up and help, or at least that flag wont get capped.... rated BGs anyone?
Seal of Heal, HoP the kidney shot (during dance; as mut, 1st KS), and try your best to keep them from returning to stealth. It got a lot harder.
Even with a shield. A rogue using the cheap shot free combo pt trick with enough pve gear can poo on you before their cooldowns are finished. Very simple
O.o what happened to freedom of movement? mine is working fine
12/04/2010 8:53 AMPosted by Tehbloodyelf
O.o what happened to freedom of movement? mine is working fine

in WotlK , casting HoF removed stun
Just bubble and hope the rogue loses interest and goes away. I smash ret paladins in all different types of gear on my rogue the only thing that can stop the kill is bubble and then I just vanish and wait for it to end.

That being said if you want constructive comments, I haven't checked your gear but make sure you have a weapon chain on, because a 10 second dismantle is lol. You can not trinket the KS, but then you will most likely die to dance during those 6 seconds, but trinket leaves you open to blind, so thats your call. While you are dismantled use repentance first (make sure he doesn't have cloak up, some rogues will cloak after a dismantle to prevent hammer and repentance). Once dismantle is over depending on your health he may evasion, save hammer for when he burns evasion. Rogue will most likely trinket hammer but if not then you are in good shape. If said rogue burned cloak during the dismantle or any time previously i would switch to seal of truth to put at least one dot stack on him before you have to bubble. It won't break him out of stealth for 3-5 seconds after his vanish depending on glyphs but it will keep him from staying stealthed and opening on you again once bubble is out.
Step 1: spec prot

Step 2: stack tons of resilience


Step 4: PROFIT!

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